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  • Breaking the Measles and Rubella Chain
    Cover Story

    Breaking the Measles and Rubella Chain

    Measles and rubella often come with complications. Both can be prevented through vaccination.

  • Making Profit from Piety
    Cover Story

    Making Profit from Piety

    The return-to-Islam phenomenon has created business opportunities. These businesses need more Muslims to be involved.

  • The Hunt for a Remedy

    The Hunt for a Remedy

    Doctors are testing various drugs to treat patients infected with the Covid-19 virus. Eijkman and Bio Farma are exploring vaccine development.

  • On the Radar:  Covid-19
    Cover Story

    On the Radar: Covid-19

    Health officials are monitoring travelers arriving from the countries where Covid-19 is prevalent. Tests are not aimed at treating patients.

  • Fears Amid Pandemic
    Cover Story

    Fears Amid Pandemic

    A number of regions in Indonesia are poorly prepared for the corona outbreak. They are still waiting for the health ministry to send necessary equipment.

  • Those Who Risk Their Lives
    Cover Story

    Those Who Risk Their Lives

    All healthcare providers and staff in health facilities are vulnerable to contagion of Covid-19. Not only do they provide care, they also listen to the worries of the patients.

  • The Hunt for a Remedy
    Cover Story

    The Hunt for a Remedy

    The government will test the efficacy of Avigan for Indonesians. Some referral hospitals are having difficulty obtaining drugs.

  • Precious Personal Experience

    Precious Personal Experience

    Susanti is a member of the Indonesian diaspora involved in the Covid-19 Research and Innovation Consortium. She is also a researcher on colorectal cancer of which she herself was once a patient.

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