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  • A Decision on Emergency Vaccine Use
    Cover Story

    A Decision on Emergency Vaccine Use

    Officials of the Indonesia Ulama Council (MUI) were not unanimous in their religious fatwa (ruling) on the permissibility of the measles-rubella vaccine. Some of them did not agree that the injection be allowed.

  • RETIRED generals Calling in the Troops

    RETIRED generals Calling in the Troops

    Retired military personnel are divided. Jokowi’s camp is still relying on Luhut Pandjaitan’s role.

  • Help From Mom And An American Friend
    Cover Story

    Help From Mom And An American Friend

    Targeting millennial voters, Sandiaga Uno often dresses in a blue shirt. He does not plan to attack the opposing candidates.

  • New Chapter in The PKS Feud

    New Chapter in The PKS Feud

    Some officials of the Justice and Prosperity Party (PKS) in a number of regions have joined an organization formed by Anis Matta.

  • Bloody Sunday in a Red Area

    Bloody Sunday in a Red Area

    An armed group in Papua attacked construction workers and a soldier in the Nduga regency.

  • Moving Into the Bullring

    Moving Into the Bullring

    The Prabowo-Sandiaga camp is planning to move their campaign headquarters to Central Java in order to steal votes away from Jokowi.

  • Trailblazing Sandiaga

    Trailblazing Sandiaga

    Sandiaga Uno is clocking in much more campaign mileage than Prabowo Subianto. Much needed to boost their electability.

  • Debates Before The Debate

    Debates Before The Debate

    The Prabowo-Sandiaga team wants the list of questions to be open for the candidates. Meanwhile, the Jokowi-Ma’ruf team propose conveying visions and missions.

  • After The Meds Are Gone

    After The Meds Are Gone

    Medicine procurement for HIV/AIDS patients failed after prices offered by two auction participants were deemed too expensive. The Attorney General’s Office is looking into it.

  • Keeper of the Ulama’s Vote

    Keeper of the Ulama’s Vote

    Practically all the Islamic parties are predicted to miss out on the parliamentarian threshold. Abandoned by Muslim voters, the parties are trying to identify themselves as being close to ulama and the Islamic movement.

  • Recommitting to Founding Guidelines
    Cover Story

    Recommitting to Founding Guidelines

    Several Nahdlatul Ulama kyais have accused Ma’ruf Amin of violating the organization’s regulations. Some are Prabowo-Sandiaga supporters.

  • A Low-Key Talangsari Declaration

    A Low-Key Talangsari Declaration

    The coordinating ministry for political, legal and security affairs is encouraging out of court resolution of serious human rights violation cases. They asked the Attorney General’s Office and the National Human Rights Commission to make case reviews.

  • Thanks to Religion and Fake News
    Cover Story

    Thanks to Religion and Fake News

    Prabowo still managed to amass votes from his voter bases. It’s likely that fake news helped the former military commander’s case.

  • Not Enough to Get the Votes

    Not Enough to Get the Votes

    Running on the issues of anti-polygamy and anti-corruption, the public was not very interested in voting for the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI). Large media campaigns did not guarantee DPR seats.

  • Tidying Up the Cabinet
    Cover Story

    Tidying Up the Cabinet

    JOKO Widodo, who is likely to return to presidency, plans to reshuffle the cabinet toward the end of his first term.

  • Ammo on an Ambulance
    Cover Story

    Ammo on an Ambulance

    The police suspect a group of people were paid to turn the May 22 protest into rioting. Some were sent from outside Jakarta.

  • Bullets in the Dark
    Cover Story

    Bullets in the Dark

    Four out of the eight casualties of the May 22 riots are believed to have been shot. Their families are asking for police transparency.

  • Shaky Evidence
    Cover Story

    Shaky Evidence

    Prabowo-Sandi’s team had scant evidence on inaccurate ballot count. Witness testimonies felt inconsistent.

  • Fatal Bullet
    Cover Story

    Fatal Bullet

    Of the nine dead victims of the May 21-22 riots in Jakarta, four were found in Petamburan. Two of the four victims are believed to have been shot from a close range. The police gave money to the victims’ families.

  • The Deal Maker

    The Deal Maker

    The meeting between Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto happened after a long process of negotiations. It involved State Intelligence Agency Chief Budi Gunawan’s to handle Prabowo camp’s request to decriminalize their supporters, releasing them from jail. There are also talks about ministerial positions. 

  • Camped Out for Asylum

    Camped Out for Asylum

    For years, the fate of asylum seekers in Jakarta has been unclear. Some of them would like to continue living in Indonesia.

  • The Elite Troop Command’s Obscure Tasks

    The Elite Troop Command’s Obscure Tasks

    Revived by the TNI Commander, the Special Operation Command is based on a presidential regulation issued by President Joko Widodo. There are concerns that its duty would violate human rights.

  • Jokowi’s Cabinet, Chapter II
    Cover Story

    Jokowi’s Cabinet, Chapter II

    WHEN he met with cadres in the regions, Hamka Haq listened to their complaints about the quota for ministerial positions in the Working Cabinet for his party.

  • Ceaseless Fury
    Cover Story

    Ceaseless Fury

    To quell the rioting, the government dispatched additional troops to Papua and restricted Internet access. The police detected social media accounts responsible for spreading fake news.

  • Surrounded by Fire
    Cover Story

    Surrounded by Fire

    Forest and land areas by the hundreds of thousands of hectares in Sumatra and Kalimantan have been consumed by fire.

  • The Riddle of the Infiltrator
    Cover Story

    The Riddle of the Infiltrator

    The police say the student protests were infiltrated. The Indonesian Military (TNI) was asked to secure the protests.

  • Students in Action
    Cover Story

    Students in Action

    THE legislation of the revised KPK Law and the plan to legislate a number of problematic bills triggered a wave of student protests in various cities. After a demonstration on September 19 in front of the parliament building in Jakarta, students in other cities joined the protests in the days that followed.

  • The Fifth Amendment

    The Fifth Amendment

    The People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) has begun taking steps to make a fifth amendment to the 1945 Constitution.

  • The Box of Durian in the Kitchen
    Cover Story

    The Box of Durian in the Kitchen

    Ma’ruf Amin made certain preparations for his move to the Vice-Presidential Palace. Besides engaging in physical exercise, he has also been studying more on sharia economy and radicalism. Many have approached him, hoping to be awarded positions. But he was not too involved in planning the cabinet line-up.

  • The Move from Proklamasi to Veteran
    Cover Story

    The Move from Proklamasi to Veteran

    MA’RUF Amin will bring his entourage to the Vice-Presidential Palace.

  • Turning to Merdeka Barat
    Cover Story

    Turning to Merdeka Barat

    Prabowo Subianto’s inclusion in the cabinet transformed the cabinet’s constellation. Moeldoko was taken off the list of candidates.

  • Jokowi’s Second- Term Cabinet
    Cover Story

    Jokowi’s Second- Term Cabinet

    PRESIDENT Joko Widodo announced the names of 38 ministers and 12 deputy ministers who will assist him in his second term as president. Jokowi chose to reappoint several ministers who have been working with him since 2014. He again merges the research, technology and higher education ministry with the education and culture ministry; as well as the Creative Economy Agency—previously its own entity—with the tourism ministry. In the Indonesia Progress Cabinet, Jokowi embraces his contender in the past presidential election, Prabowo Subianto, as one of his helpers.

  • The divisive Seat
    Cover Story

    The divisive Seat

    Jokowi’s supporter groups became divided when Projo chairman was appointed deputy minister. He is accused of reneging on his own word.

  • The Bearded Charmer’s Gambit

    The Bearded Charmer’s Gambit

    Surya Paloh is seen to be disappointed with the new cabinet appointments. He took the step of meeting with high-ranking members of an opposition party.

  • An Early Wither
    Cover Story

    An Early Wither

    Terawan Agus Putranto’s ‘brain wash’ method is not always successful. There is the placebo effect to consider.

  • Military Intelligence in the Scholarship Process

    Military Intelligence in the Scholarship Process

    The government is making changes to the selection process to weed out LPDP scholarship recipients who are not pro-Pancasila. Some examiners are suspected of having been exposed to radicalism.

  • Flooding in the New Year

    Flooding in the New Year

    Extreme rainfall and stalled flood control projects led to flooding in Jakarta and vicinities. This was exacerbated by the lack of government preparedness to deal with the disaster, despite having been warned by the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG).

  • Submerged Terrace and Wet Hair

    Submerged Terrace and Wet Hair

    Social media wars ensued between supporters and opposers of Anies Baswedan. Many negative reports on the Jakarta flood mitigation.

  • Ahok’s PDI-P Membership
    Cover Story

    Ahok’s PDI-P Membership

    With his prison sentence behind him, Ahok is now expanding his business and again embarking into politics. He decided to join the PDI-P following Megawati’s frequent visits while he was in prison. His relationship with the PSI is deteriorating. The former Jakarta governor was once courted by Prabowo’s camp.

  • Flood Mitigation Failure
    Cover Story

    Flood Mitigation Failure

    Jakarta’s flood mitigation budget has seen increasing cuts in the past three years. Governor Anies Baswedan’s flood defense plans have not made progress.

  • Corona’s Economic Impacts
    Cover Story

    Corona’s Economic Impacts

    Local industries are buckling under because of the spread of Covid-19. Employees are told to stay home.

  • Lacks of Coordination From Jakarta
    Cover Story

    Lacks of Coordination From Jakarta

    The central and regional governments are coordinating poorly in their effort to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Regional governments are protesting.

  • Contingencies for City Closures

    Contingencies for City Closures

    Some regions are ready to face quarantines due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The central government does not want to implement a total quarantine.

  • Blood Test for Dialysis Patients
    Cover Story

    Blood Test for Dialysis Patients

    Hospitals are treating some non-Covid-19 patients differently. Patients have been asked to pay for medical personnel’s protective gear.

  • The Activists Roundup

    The Activists Roundup

    Police arrested and intimidated some activists. Many things do not add up.

  • Pre-employment Card Under Fire
    Cover Story

    Pre-employment Card Under Fire

    The Pre-employment Card Program’s implementation has been far from smooth. Transactions for training come to over Rp120 billion.

  • The Biozek Controversy
    Cover Story

    The Biozek Controversy

    The Biozek rapid test kit, which is imported by Kimia Farma from the Netherlands, seems to be questionable. An investigation by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) in collaboration with Tempo reveals that Biozek test kits are, in fact, manufactured in China. A number of studies also point to Biozek’s low accuracy. Sold at hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah per unit, Biozek has spread to various places in the country, including the State Palace.

  • 20 Seconds to Save a Life
    Cover Story

    20 Seconds to Save a Life

    Some groups are raising public awareness on the coronavirus using simple methods. They are filling a vacuum not yet occupied by the government.

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