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  • The Wrong Remedy

    The Wrong Remedy

    The list of preachers recommended by the Ministry of Religious Affairs has sparked controversy for what is seen as the ministry's undue interference in religious life.

  • Letter's


    I AM a 63 year old man and one of the many people not living in poverty based on the Central Statistics Agency's (BPJS) criteria.

  • No To Jokowi-Prabowo

    No To Jokowi-Prabowo

    President Joko Widodo's search for a running mate in the 2019 presidential election intensifies.

  • Saving Citarum

    Saving Citarum

    The Citarum river is dubbed the dirtiest river in the world. It needs a comprehensive cleanup plan.

  • A Frivolous Lawsuit

    A Frivolous Lawsuit

    Nur Alam, the non-active Governor of Southeast Sulawesi, has sued an expert witness on the environment. The judge must throw out the lawsuit.

  • No More Politics, Please

    No More Politics, Please

    Top executives for state-owned enterprises should not be appointed for political reasons. The practice will only hamper the organisation's operational process.

  • Friends and Foes in the Incumbent's Pocket
    Cover Story

    Friends and Foes in the Incumbent's Pocket

    Three months before the registration of presidential candidates, Joko Widodo has been in communication with nearly every party, including the Justice and Prosperity Party. More worried about Gatot Nurmantyo, it is being said that Jokowi would be happier to run against Prabowo Subianto. He has a list of possible vice-presidential running mates.

  • The Coalition Is Heating Up
    Cover Story

    The Coalition Is Heating Up

    Jokowi is putting together a large coalition by securing support from parties outside the government coalition. They are competing to offer him vice-presidential running mates.

  • Seeking Religious Blessings
    Cover Story

    Seeking Religious Blessings

    To counter accusations of being pro communist and anti-Islam, Jokowi has been making frequent visits to clerics. He is getting close with MUI's General Chair.

  • President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo: Completing Works is Also a Campaign
    Cover Story

    President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo: Completing Works is Also a Campaign

    Joko Widodo has a good chance of being reelected president for the 2019-2024 term.

  • Market Pulse: Turbulence From Rising USD Interest Rates

    Market Pulse: Turbulence From Rising USD Interest Rates

    Last week, the Rupiah weakened and nearly touched the Rp14,000 per US dollar level.

  • Thirteen Months in the Hot Seat

    Thirteen Months in the Hot Seat

    Elia Massa Manik found out about his dismissal a few hours before the shareholders' meeting. He was seen as insubordinate towards the minister.

  • Citarum's Hot Black Waste

    Citarum's Hot Black Waste

    THE joint-team formed by President Joko Widodo has not succeeded in stopping factories in West Java from dumping liquid waste into Citarum, the world's most toxic river. Tempo's team found hard evidence that factories have been openly disposing of untreated waste into the river. Furthermore, locals are also dumping household and human waste into Citarum, even while they use the water for other purposes. Convoluted bureaucracy has prevented an effective restoration of the Citarum River. Amid the failure, politicians seem to be riding the issue to improve their own electability. An Environmental Agency officer takes a sample of Gunajaya Abadi Sentosa liquid waste at Cikacembang River, Bandung, West Java.

  • West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan: The Citarum is Not Within My Authority

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan: The Citarum is Not Within My Authority

    Five years ago, Ahmad Heryawan promised to clean up the Citarum River-said to be the world's most toxic river-and turn its water into drinkable water.

  • Joining Hands to Clean Citarum

    Joining Hands to Clean Citarum

    President Joko Widodo has taken over the cleaning up of Citarum River. Pure intentions or political maneuvering?

  • Citarum's Mounting Waste

    Citarum's Mounting Waste

    The Citarum River is notorious for its trash and massive-scale pollution. Television reporters from other countries have flocked to Bandung, calling the longest river in West Java the dirtiest in the world. According to the Supreme Audit Agency, 10.6 million cubic meters of industrial liquid waste was dumped into the river each month in the 2009-2012 period. In these four years, the total amount of waste in Citarum equals three times the water volume in Lake Sunter, a lake of 33 hectares in size in North Jakarta, excluding the 1.23 million cubic meters of household trash per month. If stacked, the height and volume would be comparable to four and a half Sate Buildings, home of the West Java government.

  • Missing Names in the Setya's Ruling

    Missing Names in the Setya's Ruling

    Setya Novanto has been dealt a 15-year prison sentence for his part in the e-KTP corruption scandal. The court ruling made no mention of 2009-2014 DPR members who allegedly also received money from the project.

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