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Time to Legalize Cannabis
Restoring Public Trust in Anti-Corruption Commission
Swift Punishment for ACT
Komodo Conservation for Premium Tourism
Garuda and High-Cost Nationalism
Surat - TEBI
Cleaning Up an Outbreak
A Crisis Staring Us in the Face
Law of the Jungle

Law of the Jungle

Former Tanah Bumbu Regent Mardani H. Maming accuses businessman Andi Syamsuddin Arsyad or Haji Isam of being behind a criminal case he has found himself involved in. The KPK becomes a battleground for political influence.


Opinion Edisi : Monday, 4 July 2022

The Irony of a Humanitarian Organization
Relations between Indonesia and Malaysia
Anies’ Political Conundrum
A Cautionary Word for the Mother and Child's Bill
Denying Jakarta’s Putrid Air
The Crypto Time Bomb
Halfhearted Energy Transition
Protecting Victims of Sexual Violence
Questionable Permit in Yogyakarta
Oligarch in the Cabinet
Towering Failures
Class Bias in Borobudur
Appointment behind Closed Doors
How to Deal with a Caliph
Surat - TEBI
Surat - TEBI
The Last Generation of Sumatran Tigers
The Danger of Conflict of Interest for Anwar Usman
The Political Cartel Quagmire
A Fondness for Interfering with the OJK
Questionable Transaction
The President’s Kingmaker
Unending Land Conflict in Sentul
Hunted Songbirds, Locust Infestation
Surat - TEBI
Buy Now Pay Later
The End Story of Indigenous Land
Preparing for Future Pandemics
Cooking Oil Chaos
Saving the Meat Industry
A Bad Lesson from Our Neighbor
Hiding Corruption by Bribing Auditors
Supreme Surprise for Covid-19 Vaccine
Cooking Oil Policy Differences between Indonesia and Malaysia
Welcome to Metaverse
No Justice for Novia
A Belated Peacekeeper
Our Right of Clean Water
Surat - TEBI
Under Threat of High Inflation
Finding Solution for Foreign Refugees
Lebaran Holiday without Covid-19
Pesantren of the Modern Age
Wasteful Waste-to-Electricity Project
Questions over the Cooking Oil Case
A Bill in Hostage
Research without Academic Freedom
The Danger of Dividing up Papua
Breaking the Chain of Street Violence
Red Alert for the Insurance Industry
Playing Safe over Ukraine
When Enough is Enough
Golkar’s Poor Strategy
A New Digital Threat
The Oil Palm Fund Disarray
The Slippery Price of Cooking Oil
Preparing the Cultural Endowment Fund
No Compromise for Terawan
The Danger of Extending Jokowi’s Term
Surat - TEBI
Climate Change’s Disaster
Luhut’s Conflict of Interest
Bloated Halal Labels
Squabbling Over Nickel
Surat - TEBI
The Problem with Oil
Ending the Slavery Case
Back to the Nature
Welcoming Endemic Status
Bagaimana BUMN Karya Terjerat Utang Besar

Too High of a Risk

A number of construction state-owned enterprises find themselves with huge debts as a result of ambitious government projects. The financial burdens must not be made worse with the injection of new capital.


Opinion Edisi : Monday, 7 March 2022

Mengapa Indonesia Harus Mengecam Invasi Rusia ke Ukraina
Siasat Pamer Harta Indra Kenz untuk Menipu Korbannya
Public Satisfaction and Jokowi’s Populism
Reflecting on Dutch-Indonesia History
Stalling the Sexual Violence Bill
Civil Opposition in Wadas
dr. Lusi Nursilawati Syamsi, Sp.P and Prof. Dr. apt. Syamsudin, M. Biomed.
Surat - TEBI
Squeezing the Workers
Greenwashing with Carbon Trading
Ending the Land Mafia
Bad Move on Military Retirement Age
Land Lost in the Hand of Mafia
State Abuse in Wadas Village
A Momentum to Reform the OJK
Delusions of Grandeur in Nusantara
A Holocaust Museum in Tondano City, Minahasa, North Sulawesi, February 10.
TEMPO/Ronny Buol
Surat - TEBI
A Strange Tale of Narcotics Case
The Lost Trail of Jhonlin
Three Years of Covid-19 Inconsistencies
Disastrous Recipe for Cooking Oil
Surat - TEBI
Abominable Private Jail in Langkat
An Extradition Treaty for Who?
The Geothermal Toing and Froing
Legalizing Illegal Nickel
Surat - TEBI
Why We Don’t Need the New Capital
Collusion in the Satellite Project
No More Children Trafficking
Another Conflict of Interests
Surat - TEBI
No More Refinery Delays
More Art, Please
The Bekasi Mayor Family Corruption
The Misguided Integration of BRIN
Stop ‘Vitality Drug’ Advertisements
Another Corruption During Pandemic
Green Investment in Climate Change
Prospect of Peace in Papua
Mismanagement of Coal
Surat - TEBI
In Need for Better Protection
 Do not Ignore Mental Health
Managing the Maritime Patrols
Fighting the Omicron
Online Investment
Booster Vaccines Should Be Free for Everybody
Stop Discrimination against People with Disabilities
Tolerance is not Simply a Project
The Vaccine Heroes
Health workers treat a patient inside a tent, which is turned into an emergency room at the Dr. Sardjito Central General Hospital in Sleman, Yogyakarta, on Sunday, July 4. As many as 63 patients at the hospital die between July 3 and July 4, due to a dwindling supply of oxygen. The Delta variant’s entry into Indonesia in mid-2021 strikes a serious blow to the country. Besides the scarcity of oxygen and drugs, many hospitals collapse and could no longer take in Covid-19 patients.
ANTARA FOTO/Hendra Nurdiyansyah
Surat - TEBI
Jakarta's Mistargeted Flood Policy
Time to Take A Stand in Natuna
Momentum for Pesantren Reform
A screenshot from the Penyalin Cahaya (‘Photo Copier’) film. Rekata Studio
The Honorable and Esteemed Virus
The Pandemic and Mental Health
The Danger of Debt in a Murky Market
Inconsistent Regulations on Renewable Energy
Strident Voices of Indigenous Women
Confusing Pandemic Policies
The Problem with Uniformed Gangsters
Tempo magazine’s Executive Editor Bagja Hidayat receives an award at the 2021 Press Council Award for the Print Media category, December 9.
Tempo Doc.
Foul Odor in the Air
The Compromise Constitutional Court Ruling
The Failure of Politics
2022: A Year of Recovery with Reservations
Chaotic Cinema Stimulus

Chaotic Cinema Stimulus

National economic recovery fund allocation for the film industry is late in disbursement and is now under threat of remaining unabsorbed. Evidence of failure by the tourism and creative economy ministry in providing support for creative industries.

Opinion Edisi : Monday, 29 November 2021

High Heat in Wae Sano
Commission to Protect Corruptors
Terrorism and Halfhearted Pluralism
A Strange Acquisition
Equal Treatment for Illegal Fishing
Nahdlatul Ulama’s Center of Power
Sexual Predators on our Campuses
Sharing the Burden
Fake Solution to Real Crisis
A New Phase for the BLBI Case

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