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  • Equine Trails on Paper
    Science & Technology

    Equine Trails on Paper

    Students from Lamongan, East Java, produced paper from horse manure and won the ASEANpreneurs Idea Canvas 2011 Business Plan Competition in Singapore.

  • Resistance from Mount Merapi
  • Playing the Field
    Science & Technology

    Playing the Field

    Disappointed with the yields of engineered paddy seeds, farmers start growing local varieties. Researchers suggest cultivating different rice varieties.

  • Making Waves in Virginia
    Science & Technology

    Making Waves in Virginia

    Students from Diponegoro University created a fully automatic mini-boat. It could be further developed to become an unmanned surveillance vessel prototype.

  • Switching to Cassava
    Science & Technology

    Switching to Cassava

    A lecturer at Jember University has created a rice-like version of cassava. Its nutritional value can be increased, well exceeding that of real rice.

  • Points of Order
    Science & Technology

    Points of Order

    Borobudur was built with high precision following the points of the compass. Its main stupa presumably served as a time marker or gnomon.

  • Maintaining Power to Bali
    Science & Technology

    Maintaining Power to Bali

    A BPPT expert earned a promotion by creating an electrical current stabilizer to help the flow of power from Java to Bali. His product costs far less compared to the German-made alternative.

  • Poison Gas in the Abode of the Gods
    Science & Technology

    Poison Gas in the Abode of the Gods

    One of the craters at Dieng is releasing poisonous gas. Different from Mount Merapi, the Dieng eruptions are not related to direct magma activity.

  • Gamelan in Your Hands
    Science & Technology

    Gamelan in Your Hands

    A student from the Bandung Institute of Technology created a game application for Nokia smartphones. In just three months, more than 29,000 people have downloaded it.

  • Robot Masters
    Science & Technology

    Robot Masters

    Local students became champions at an international robot competition in the US. Their success came from hard work and long nights on campus.

  • Goodbye Wire
    Science & Technology

    Goodbye Wire

    A researcher at University of Indonesia succeeds in creating wireless electricity. Its capacity is still small, with very limited reach.

  • Shell Game
    Science & Technology

    Shell Game

    Three students from a Surabaya university discovered a sand substitute for cement mix: seashells. The shells give additional strength to the cement while reducing environmental contamination.

  • The Sago Reliefs of Borobodur
  • Seedlings for a Thousand Hectares
    Science & Technology

    Seedlings for a Thousand Hectares

    The Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology is patenting a new technique for growing sago palms using an ex-vitro technology. The results are now being planted in Riau.

  • From Palm Frond to Electricity
    Science & Technology

    From Palm Frond to Electricity

    Professor Herri Susanto designed and built a machine that generates electricity using oil palm fronds as fuel through a gasification process. His practical technique yields clean gas, free of tar contamination.

  • Multipurpose and Enduring
  • Satellite from Rancabungur
    Science & Technology

    Satellite from Rancabungur

    For the first time, Indonesia is designing and constructing its own satellites. Two are being made and are scheduled to be launched into space using an Indian rocket this year.

  • The Sentient House
    Science & Technology

    The Sentient House

    C&C has developed a smart-house system. However, with the steep price not many people are interested as yet.

  • Instant Asphalt Wrap
    Science & Technology

    Instant Asphalt Wrap

    A researcher has succeeded in inventing a plastic bag for asphalt eliminating the need for metal drums. The bag blends with the asphalt during the process.

  • Sex Change for Fish
    Science & Technology

    Sex Change for Fish

    Researchers from the National Atomic Energy Agency have engineered a hormone that can change the sex of both ornamental and food fish. Aside from its success rate of up to 94 percent, fish sex change is also affordable.

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