• <font size=2 color=#FF9900>Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi: </font><br />Professional sports should not be funded by the government
  • Making Headway Alone

    Making Headway Alone

    Without Regional Budget subsidies, soccer clubs can succeed. There is even a sound climate of competition and business operation.

  • Offside Public Funds

    Offside Public Funds

    Misappropriation of Regional Budget funds for soccer comes in various ways. Some cases have been taken to court.

  • A Lifetime Ban from <font color=#FF0000>Indonesian Soccer</font>

    A Lifetime Ban from Indonesian Soccer

    The zeal for a ban on the allocation of the Regional Budget to professional soccer is building. The Corruption Eradication Commission has also been probing into misappropriations of public funds for soccer. A clear-cut rule will soon be introduced.

  • Let the Games Begin

    Let the Games Begin

    Notwithstanding a stumbling block from PSSI, the Indonesian Premier League kicked off as an alternative competition that is more professional and independent.

  • Breakfast of Champions?

    Breakfast of Champions?

    In the lead-up to the final match, the players attended a variety of events, including a breakfast at the house of a well-known politician.

  • Grandstanding


    Nurdin Halid herded the national football team to Aburizal Bakrie’s house. A fight for the soccer grandstand with Yudhoyono.

  • The Public Demands, PSSI Ignores

    The Public Demands, PSSI Ignores

    The poor performance of the Indonesian national football team cannot be separated from the low quality of its administrative board. It is a deep-rooted problem.

  • Coach Class

    Coach Class

    The popularity of the Indonesian national football team has never been so high. Even though it failed to win in a recent championship held every two years, praise and sympathy from the fans continues to pour in. Some politicians even used this fame for their own interests. However, the success of the Garuda Team should be seen in the light of the work done by coach Alfred Riedl, whose ability was once questioned.

  • Susi Susanti from Manado
  • Scouting Club Champions

    Scouting Club Champions

    This year, various regions are holding badminton tournaments, such as the National Circuit, which spans nine months from February to October. This week, the five-day Bankaltim Indonesia Open Grandprix takes place in Samarinda. Such events serve as a means to seek out new, potential athletes from badminton clubs all over Indonesia who train their players seriously and systematically.

  • A Home Away from Home

    A Home Away from Home

    Irfan Bachdim and Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan are strengthening Persema. It is a steppingstone to join the national team.

  • <font face=arial size=3 color=#CC0000><B>Nurdin Halid:</B></font> <br />People don’t look at the process
  • The Ailing <font color=#CC0000>Tiger</font>
  • From Sbori to Player Exports

    From Sbori to Player Exports

    There are a number of ways to create a good national team, even in the absence of quality domestic competitions; military-style training, naturalization, or allowing players to join advanced clubs.

  • <font color=#CC0000>Forging a Strong</font> Indonesian Team

    Forging a Strong Indonesian Team

    An accumulation of concern over and hope for Indonesian soccer achievements emerged during the National Soccer Congress in Malang on March 30-31. After a series of matches that ended in embarrassment to our national team, stakeholders deemed it necessary to conduct immediate reordering, including a total reform of the Indonesian Football Association. The fact is that Indonesia has not yet found the right formula to build a national team capable of bringing the country world fame.

  • Rucking and Rolling
  • Rucking and Rolling
  • The Sudden Kabbadi
  • <font color=#FF9900>Accommodating</font> Asia

    Accommodating Asia

    The Asian Beach Games in Bali was not the normal beach sports competition. Several unusual beach sports were played for the sake of medals.

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