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Edition 09 July 2018

  • Alternative Presidential Candidates

    Alternative Presidential Candidates

    With the presidential election around the corner, the burning question these days is: Will Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto fierce competition in the 2014 election see a repeat next year?

  • Scandal in Aceh

    Scandal in Aceh

    The KPK arrested Aceh governor and Bener Meriah regent for allegedly mismanaging the special autonomy funds.

  • Broken Promises on Lake Toba

    Broken Promises on Lake Toba

    It was the right decision to abandon search and evacuation for KM Sinar Bangun, which sank in Lake Toba. The government should not have given false hopes to the victims' families.

  • A Magic Wand for Garlic

    A Magic Wand for Garlic

    Import quota is not a magic cure that can solve the garlic crisis. Opening the floodgates to imports via the market mechanism may well be an inevitable solution.

  • Jusuf Kalla’s Zigzag Maneuvers
    Cover Story

    Jusuf Kalla’s Zigzag Maneuvers

    Vice President Jusuf Kalla has been strategizing for the upcoming 2019 General Election. People close to him are lobbying political party officials. He has sent a signal that he supports Anies Baswedan. Despite saying he does not want to run against Jokowi in a political campaign, he has opened the door to offers of becoming a presidential candidate. His three options: become a presidential candidate, become a vice-presidential candidate, or become a kingmaker.

  • Three Calls for a Third Term
    Cover Story

    Three Calls for a Third Term

    Jokowi repeatedly attempted to persuade Jusuf Kalla to be his vice-presidential running mate once again. There is concern of losing voters from Muslim groups.

  • Ups and Downs of the Palace Duo
    Cover Story

    Ups and Downs of the Palace Duo

    Some policy decisions have burdened Jusuf Kalla's relationship with President Jokowi. Nevertheless, they have been closer than ever after the Jakarta gubernatorial election.

  • Vice President Muhamamad Jusuf Kalla: I am Ready to Serve, For the Sake of The Nation
    Cover Story

    Vice President Muhamamad Jusuf Kalla: I am Ready to Serve, For the Sake of The Nation

    One month before the registration deadline for the 2019 Presidential Election candidates, Vice President Jusuf Kalla name continues to be mentioned as one of those who could be President Joko Widodo running mate.

  • Garlic Importers in Trouble

    Garlic Importers in Trouble

    A sugar baron is implicated in the misuse of a garlic import permit. The police were alerted by suspicious packaging labels.

  • Preserving Ethnic Languages

    Preserving Ethnic Languages

    The Ministry of Education and Culture’s Agency of Language Development and Construction has declared 11 of Indonesia’s 652 ethnic languages extinct. As many as 19 ethnic languages are now endangered and four critically endangered. The administration of North Maluku, where some of these near-extinct texts are from, is working to preserve extant languages, among others by including ethnic languages in local school curricula and compiling dictionaries. Efforts to salvage and preserve ethnic languages are also in progress in North Sumatra, with various groups as well as individuals working to safeguard the Toba Batak language, including through a social media forum. Tempo English reports.

  • Outreach


    Learning Toba Batak Through Social Media

    The Toba Batak are working to preserve their ethnic language through a Facebook group targeted at youths.


  • Law

    One-meter bribe

    One-meter bribe

    The KPK arrested Aceh Governor Irwandi Yusuf and Bener Meriah Regent Ahmadi over alleged bribery involving the Special Autonomy Funds. Aceh officials have been embezzling the funds for quite some time.

  • National

    The Blank Box’s Stolen Votes

    The Blank Box’s Stolen Votes

    Makassar’s sole mayoral candidate has lost to a blank box on the ballot. There was an attempt to gain votes by falsifying data.

  • International

    Four Charges against Najib

    Four Charges against Najib

    The Malaysian Attorney General presented four charges against Najib Razak. He is the first man ever tried in the 1MDB mega-corruption case.

  • Populi


    The voice of the people is the voice of God. In other words, it is not easy to understand.

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