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Edition 24 July 2018


  • Time to Clean Up

    Time to Clean Up

    The recently revealed bribery scandal at the Riau-1 Steam Power Plan development project showed that corruption is still festering within the state electricity company (PLN).

  • Blurring Parties

    Blurring Parties

    Many politicians have been changing parties in order to increase their chance of entering the House of Representatives. It indicates a failure by those parties to prepare their candidates.

  • A Questionable Deal

    A Questionable Deal

    Through Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Inalum), the government has inked a deal with Freeport to acquire majority shares. The deal can end up in smoke if the requirements are not met.

  • Ballooning Energy Subsidies

    Ballooning Energy Subsidies

    The macro assumption that goes off target has caused energy subsidies to soar. It can’t be overcome by political considerations.

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