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Edition 07 August 2018

  • Arief Budiman, chair, General Elections Commission: We Felt Alone

    Arief Budiman, chair, General Elections Commission: We Felt Alone

    Last weekend, the General Election Commission (KPU) began the next phase of its task when it started receiving applications from presidential and vice-presidential candidates for the 2019 presidential...

  • Assumptions
    Word Watch


    So-you are learning a foreign language. Let’s say you are a native English language speaker and struggling to learn French....

  • A New Hope

    A New Hope

    After winning the 100-meter sprint at the IAAF World U20 Championships, Lalu Mohammad Zohri will be competing in the relay race at the 2018 Asian Games. The relay team’s fastest runner once had no i...

  • Tears for Warna

    Tears for Warna

    A teenage girl who was raped by her older brother is given a prison sentence for conducting abortion. The judges’ verdict has been heavily criticized....

  • Questionable Traffic Corps Auction

    Questionable Traffic Corps Auction

    An auction held by the National Police Traffic Corps for procuring license plate machines smells of irregularities. Machines purchased last year have been abandoned and are in neglect. ...

  • Chief of the National Police Traffic Corps, Inspector General Royke Lumowa: The Procurement is Not Problematic

    Chief of the National Police Traffic Corps, Inspector General Royke Lumowa: The Procurement is Not Problematic

    Two weeks before the National Police Traffic Corps held a tender for procuring license plate embossing and hot stamping machines last year, Chief of the National Police Traffic Corps Insp. Gen. Royke ...

  • Women of the Peatlands

    Women of the Peatlands

    Fires that consumed Riau’s estates and forests in 2014 have left behind some tough homework for restoring and managing the region’s natural resources. ...

  • Value-Added Catfish

    Value-Added Catfish

    In Medang Kampai, catfish aquaculture with biofloc technology is advancing and even impacting its downstream industry. The community is now producing ready-to-eat catfish products. ...

  • Red-and-White in the Rokan Block

    Red-and-White in the Rokan Block

    Pertamina may have offered a better scheme than Chevron. But Chevron’s technology remains needed in the Rokan Oil Block. ...

  • Getting the Heat From Domestic Coal

    Getting the Heat From Domestic Coal

    Less than one week since the DMO for coal was introduced, the government had a change of heart. The choice was between securing foreign exchange reserves and saving PLN’s finances....

  • Cover Story

    Cover Story

    Friends on a Different Path

    The government has been approaching the ulama from the camp opposing President Joko Widodo. Reportedly, the police and the National Intelligence Agency have been doing some of the lobbying. Some ulama who supported the 212 movement are now switching sides.


  • Cover Story

    Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) Chair Ma’ruf Amin: I Called on the Ulama to Support Jokowi

    MA’RUF Amin was among the ulama (Islamic scholars) who denounced a statement by former Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama back in September 2016 in which he cited Chapter 5, Verse 51 of the Qur...

  • Cover Story

    The 212 Abangan Presidential Candidate

    Prabowo Subianto is working with the 212 Alumni Brotherhood as part of his political coalition. He is planning an election win together with Rizieq Syihab. ...

  • Cover Story

    Figuring Out the Religion Factor

    The results of a poll done by Poltracking last February indicated that religion is still a major factor for voters when it comes to choosing a presidential candidate. ...

  • Consider the Coal

    Consider the Coal

    The government’s plan to end miners’ obligation to sell coal on the domestic market was not based on properly thought-out considerations....

  • Taming Rupiah

    Taming Rupiah

    The policy to sustain rupiah’s exchange rate looks makeshift. It will take years to improve the current account deficit....

  • Cruel Punishment

    Cruel Punishment

    A teenage rape victim was jailed for having an abortion. An unusual sentence that ignored the psychological aspects of the victim....

  • Sidelines

    Art is prayer. Art is litany. Art is jeprut...

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