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Edition 03 September 2018

  • The Youthful Champions
    Cover Story

    The Youthful Champions

    The 18th Asian Games saw the arrival of some new athletic stars for Indonesia.

  • A Smile Breaking Over the Hurdles
    Cover Story

    A Smile Breaking Over the Hurdles

    Hurdler Emilia Nova won Indonesia’s first track medal in the Asian Games in 20 years. She reached national-level training without going through a selection process.

  • Crawling Before Running
    Cover Story

    Crawling Before Running

    Fortunately, Sapwaturrahman, 24, has a lot of willpower. If not, Indonesia might have had one less medal in the Asian Games, namely a bronze medal in the men’s long lump.

  • New Energy in Cipayung
    Cover Story

    New Energy in Cipayung

    Some young athletes in Indonesia’s badminton team have soared in the 2018 Asian Games. The strongest are still the men’s doubles Marcus/Kevin.

  • Bronze turns to Gold
    Cover Story

    Bronze turns to Gold

    Surprisingly, Indonesia won a gold medal in tennis. The last Asian Games tennis gold was 28 years ago.

  • A Golden Momentum

    A Golden Momentum

    The triumphant performances of our athletes in the Asian Games XVIII held in Jakarta and Palembang is surely an oasis in the current desert land of Indonesian non-accomplishment.

  • Hashtag Versus Intelligence

    Hashtag Versus Intelligence

    Met with great rejection, the 2019 change the president movement has the support of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia members. The State Intelligence Agency is suspected intervening.

  • Oil House’s Hot Seat

    Oil House’s Hot Seat

    Rini Soemarno has long been rooting for Nicke Widyawati as candidate of Pertamina’s CEO. The name of one of Chevron’s official had also surfaced.

  • Bandit Scapegoats in Police Operations

    Bandit Scapegoats in Police Operations

    Scores of suspected roadside bandits were shot to death approaching the Asian Games. The police’s stories are in contradiction with the testimonies of eyewitnesses.

  • No More Bombing

    No More Bombing

    Previously, fishing with bombs was common practice in the waters south of Solor Island.

  • Cover Story

    Cover Story

    Imam Nahrawi, Minister of Youth and Sports: The real target was 34 golds

    Not once, has Youth and Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi, 45, missed attending the 2018 Asian Games competitions since the continental sporting event kicked off on August 18.


  • Opinion

    Unlawful Campaign

    Unlawful Campaign

    Change the president movement was tamped down in several places. Hate speech should be curbed, but freedom of expression needs to be protected.

  • National

    State Intelligence Agency Spokesperson, Wawan Hari Purwanto: The Responsibility Lies with BIN’s Regional Heads

    State Intelligence Agency Spokesperson, Wawan Hari Purwanto: The Responsibility Lies with BIN’s Regional Heads

    The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) acknowledges that the institution was responsible for prohibiting #2019GantiPresiden (change the president in 2019) declaration events in Riau and Surabaya two Sundays ago.

  • Economy

    Buffering Supply amid Draught

    Buffering Supply amid Draught

    Drought hits a number of rice centers in Java. Thousands of hectares of fields fail to harvest.

  • Rice Import Controversy

    Rice Import Controversy

    The government has imported two million tons of rice to date. There’s confusion in defining rice policy.

  • Thanks to the PhD Coach
    Cover Story

    Thanks to the PhD Coach

    The Indonesian pencak silat team scored a surprise victory by becoming the overall 2018 Asian Games champions. The key of their success is the presence of young athletes and changes in training patterns.

  • The Spiderwoman from Grobogan
    Cover Story

    The Spiderwoman from Grobogan

    Despite training with limited facilities, the speed climbing athlete has made an impressive achievement in the 2018 Asian Games. She is concerned about the preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

  • From Asia to the Olympics
    Cover Story

    From Asia to the Olympics

    Indonesia beat its national medal tally for the Asian Games which had been set in 1951 in New Delhi.

  • Sidelines

    At the end of the 22nd century, shorelines were submerged.

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