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  • Abandoned Behind Bars

    Abandoned Behind Bars

    THE AUSTRALIAN government incarcerated 274 Indonesian children between 2008 and 2012. These underaged children have been caught while working as crew members on ships smuggling illegal immigrants. Once caught, they are thrown into maximum-security jails for adults, together with those convicted of serious crimes. Once behind bars, these teens, most of them uneducated, are treated harshly and suffer sexual assaults. They became crew members after being lured by attractive compensation from Middle Eastern and Asian people smugglers. Investigative reporting by Tempo and BBC Indonesia reveal the bitter and traumatic fate of these teenagers, who do not get any support from Indonesian representatives, in Australian jails.

  • Endang Dwi Syarief Syamsuri, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Perth, Australia (January 2010-December 2014): Those Youth Looked Older
  • Hopes for the Commission and Compensation

    Hopes for the Commission and Compensation

    HARRIS AZHAR stared at the pile of documents in front of him, leafing through the pages containing the profiles and interrogation of Indonesian fishing boats’ crew members detained in Australian jails between 2008 and 2012.

  • Underage Negligence

    Underage Negligence

    There must never again be Indonesian children suffering in Australian adult jails

  • No Private Island

    No Private Island

    Ownership of a whole island by a company is clearly against the law. The environment and citizens’ rights are under threat.

  • Dirty Politics

    Dirty Politics

    Bribery over approving the budget has involved the regional head and dozens of legislators. This is a result of cartel politics.

  • A Bitter Pill

    A Bitter Pill

    It is difficult to slow the slide in the rupiah with makeshift policies. An unpopular measure is needed.

  • Mass Tripping Over on Bribe Money

    Mass Tripping Over on Bribe Money

    The KPK detained 40 members of the Malang DPRD as suspects for accepting bribery. The city administration is under threat of screeching to a halt.

  • Former Subordinates in the Rival’s Camp

    Former Subordinates in the Rival’s Camp

    The Prabowo-Sandi team has recruited former ministers and officials. Prabowo advocated for Gatot Nurmantyo to lead his campaign team.

  • Businessmen Among Politicians

    Businessmen Among Politicians

    Jokowi wishes to recruit a number of businessmen into his campaign team. Andi Syamsuddin Arsyad, known as Haji Islam, was among those approached.

  • Asean & Beyond

    Asean & Beyond

    Piling Evidence from Rakhine

    The United Nations holds Myanmar’s military responsible for the massacre of ethnic Rohingya.


  • Market Pulse

    Desperately Seeking a New Equilibrium

    Desperately Seeking a New Equilibrium

    After much anticipation, the US dollar finally soared against the rupiah. Last week, it quickly flew past Rp14,500 and touched the new psychological limit of Rp15,000.

  • Economy

    Curbing Corrections

    Curbing Corrections

    The government implements various strategies to curb the current account deficit. No option to raise fuel prices, so far.

  • Economy

    Rational for Thrifty Dollar Spending

    Rational for Thrifty Dollar Spending

    PLN and Pertamina are safeguarding their financial conditions against exchange rate depreciation: from hedging to exchanging bonds.

  • Hedging for Steadiness

    Hedging for Steadiness

    Alam Sutera Realty management hastily revised the hedging contract for the bonds already issued.

  • Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, Religious Affairs Minister: How can we possibly disallow Adhan?

    Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, Religious Affairs Minister: How can we possibly disallow Adhan?

    Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin once again found himself the target of scorn.

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