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Edition 30 October 2018

  • Clandestine On Land and On Air
    Cover Story

    Clandestine On Land and On Air

    SOON to compete in the presidential election

  • Hashtags From the Cloud
    Cover Story

    Hashtags From the Cloud

    Joko Widodo’s supporters are reviving the 2014 election’s underground teams. Bases are found across Menteng, Central Jakarta.

  • Why Sontoloyo Turned Viral
    Cover Story

    Why Sontoloyo Turned Viral

    Joko Widodo’s ‘land’—or field—supporters are approaching Islamic boarding schools and minority groups.

  • From Alpha to Meikarta
    Cover Story

    From Alpha to Meikarta

    The shadow team of Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno go from formulating issues to knocking on the doors of potential voters,

  • Backstage Actors
    Cover Story

    Backstage Actors

    Underground teams are moving with or without coordinating with both camps' official campaign teams.

  • Kertanegara Avengers
    Cover Story

    Kertanegara Avengers

    Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno’s cyber army is the shield and weapon against the incumbent. The army evolved from Anies-Sandiaga’s cyber team.

  • The Commander’s Gaffe

    The Commander’s Gaffe

    The confiscation of the illegal tin of a major exporter carried a negative impact. The results of verification by Surveyor Indonesia are blocked.

  • Juki’s ‘Anarchy’ Rice

    Juki’s ‘Anarchy’ Rice

    A group of young men run a rice business in Prambanan, Central Java. They buy rice grains from farmers at high prices.

  • Rp3 Trillion Subdistrict Fund Approved

    Rp3 Trillion Subdistrict Fund Approved

    THE House of Representatives (DPR) Budget Committee and the finance ministry approved a subdistrict budget allocation at a meeting held.

  • What Lies Beneath Palu
    Science & Technology

    What Lies Beneath Palu

    Researchers discovered the cause behind the strong magnitude 7.4 Palu earthquake on September 28. There was a jump of seismic energy to a nearby fault

  • Interview


    It’s Not Fair to Lay The Radicalism Problem Squarely at The Feet of Teachers

    THE findings of a research conducted by the Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University’s Islamic and Community Research Center (PPIM)


  • Law

    tampered collaboration

    tampered collaboration

    The police is looking into alleged tampering with corruption watchdog KPK evidence in the case of Hariman Basuki’s meat import bribery. A CCTV recordi

  • Law

    Seeking to Silence IndonesiaLeaks

    Seeking to Silence IndonesiaLeaks

    The National Police Headquarters is looking into Indonesialeaks.id to investigate content that may be in contempt of high ranking police officials.

  • Law

    Challenging Expert Witnesses

    Challenging Expert Witnesses

    A court rescinded a lawsuit filed against an expert witness in forest fire arson case.

  • Hoaxes on the Rise

    Hoaxes on the Rise

    Hoaxes on the Rise

  • Wait...Pay first!

    Wait...Pay first!

    Bantar Gebang Bekasi

  • Exposing The Shadow Teams

    Exposing The Shadow Teams

    Exposing The Shadow Teams

  • Confusion over Funds

    Confusion over Funds

    The government has forced through funding for the subdistricts in cities despite the lack of legal basis. There is potential for misuse.

  • IndonesiaLeaks Under Attack

    IndonesiaLeaks Under Attack

    The police are doing everything they can to repudiate the report from IndonesiaLeaks. This has made people suspicious.

  • Protecting Our Hero

    Protecting Our Hero

    The government must protect expert witnesses in court. Immunity for witnesses must be upheld

  • Celebrating the Diversity of Islam

    Celebrating the Diversity of Islam

    The Madani Film Festival showcases films that paint portraits of Muslim communities across the globe. A film about refugee children from Syria.

  • Aida Begic: In Every War, Children Suffer the Most

    Aida Begic: In Every War, Children Suffer the Most

    TO Aida Begic, Never Leave Me is more than just a film.

  • Sidelines

    “Winter is coming...”—Ned Stark in Game of Thrones

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