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Edition 26 February 2019

  • Showdown in Kurukshetra Field
    Cover Story

    Showdown in Kurukshetra Field

    BEING the most populated island, Java will ultimately become a modern day Kurukshetra battlefield—from the Mahabharata legend—between Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin and Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahuddiin Uno.

  • Java Battlegrounds
    Cover Story

    Java Battlegrounds

    Two months ahead of the D-day, as both presidential campaign teams are focusing all their campaign resources on Java, Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin and Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno’s political safaris continue to center around the country’s most populated island.

  • Echoes of ‘Prabowo’ in Jalak Harupat
    Cover Story

    Echoes of ‘Prabowo’ in Jalak Harupat

    Surveys show Jokowi-Ma’ruf and Prabowo-Sandiaga are running neck to neck in West Java. Religious and PKI issues dogged the candidates on their West Java campaign trail.

  • From Trawl to Ancestral Land
    Cover Story

    From Trawl to Ancestral Land

    Jokowi and Prabowo’s teams pushed on in opponent’s bases in Central Java engaging in tit-for-tat moves.

  • Seeking the Blessings of Kyais and Corruptors
    Cover Story

    Seeking the Blessings of Kyais and Corruptors

    Jokowi and Prabowo are both vying to grab the sympathy of NU’s kyais (Islamic leaders). Fuad Amin Imron and Setya Novanto are rumored to have playing roles in campaign activities.

  • Guerrilla in the Coal Path

    Guerrilla in the Coal Path

    Djan Faridz’s mine is plagued with problems. The South Sumatra Provincial Government banned coal trucks from crossing the highway.

  • Cut-Rate Cement

    Cut-Rate Cement

    A Chinese factory has been aggressively marketing inexpensive cement in Indonesia’s oversaturated market. Established players must increase production efficiency in order to remain competitive.



    Smartfren Opens to Consolidation

  • The Bitter Pill to Cure Deficits
    Market Pulse

    The Bitter Pill to Cure Deficits

    Bank Indonesia (BI) has no choice but to administer another bitter pill to Indonesia’s economy. Instead of lowering the BI 7-Day Repo Rate, BI held it at six percent.

  • Many People Are Involved

    Many People Are Involved

    Brigadier General Hendro Pandowo, Chief of the ANTI-Soccer Mafia Task Force

  • Law


    Godfather of the Pitch

    The acting General Chairman of the Indonesian Soccer Association (PSSI), Joko Driyono, becomes a suspect for obstructing the investigation into the soccer mafia case. The police are also investigating his suspected involvement in a match fixing scandal. There are indications of international bookies.


  • Interview

    We Must Be Alert but Not Paranoid

    We Must Be Alert but Not Paranoid

    Minister of communication and informatics, Rudiantara:

  • Arts & Culture

    Pak Djon’s Witnessing

    Pak Djon’s Witnessing

    A book titled Witnessing Affandi: Thirty years assisting Indonesia’s master painter—by Suhardjono as told to Jeremy Allan—is now on the market. The cover price is steep: Rp5.5 million. The book contains reproductions of the works of Affandi, gathered together by an art collector. Each painting has been given a commentary by Suhardjono—usually known as Pak Djon—Affandi’s former private driver, deemed to be in the know of the origins of every painting. Pak Djon’s commentaries it would seem provide legitimization that all the Affandis presented in the book are authentic. Yet, when compared with the book Affandi, written by the late Raka Sumichan—a famous collector of Affandi’s works—and the late Umar Kayam published in 1987, when Affandi was still alive, some of the works in the new book are suspect. Observer of the arts, Bambang Bujono, has written his point of view about the book. Self Portrait Affandi painting, 1976, in the book Witnessing Affandi.

  • Outreach

    Forest for the Community

    Forest for the Community

    The Marena customary community work together with a company in managing the Marena Customary Forest.

  • Photo

    Picture Window

    Vital Signs

    Motorists drive pass banana tree trunks and roadblocks in the middle of the Tulungagung-Trenggalek road in Bolorejo village, Tulungagung, East Java, February 19. Local residents put those obstacles in the middle of the street as sign for drivers to avoid accidents due to potholes on the damaged road. ANTARA/Destyan Sujarwoko


  • Rejoinder from East Java Office of the Environment

    Rejoinder from East Java Office of the Environment

    IN connection with an article in last week’s  Tempo titled Hazardous Waste at the Military Bases, I wish to respond and make a rejoinder about several things.

  • Creeping In To Get The Dual Role
  • All-out War on Java

    All-out War on Java

    Two months before the general election, the steps taken by the two presidential candidates into the very heart of their opponent’s defence begs attention.

  • Saving Our Soccer

    Saving Our Soccer

    The expose of Indonesian soccer-rigging mafia revealed how impaired the All-Indonesia Soccer Association really is. Total rehaul of the management is imperative.

  • Misleading on Lands

    Misleading on Lands

    Land use for business purposes is legal and ordinary. The two presidential candidates became locked in a misleading issue.

  • Correcting the Market

    Correcting the Market

    The entrance of companies from China may correct the structure of the oligopolistic cement market. This will give advantage to local consumers.

  • Sidelines

    I often feel strangely disturbed when I hear the word ‘philosopher’. We know these creatures exist, but I have never been able to clearly identify them.

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