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Edition 18 March 2019

Cover Story

  • ROMY’s Bribery Drama

    ROMY’s Bribery Drama

    The corruption eradication commission arrested United Development Party general chairman Muhammad Romahurmuziy in a bribery case involving promotion access within the religious affairs ministry. it is suspected that the illicit operation has been going on for some time, and that the minister knew about it.

  • A Religious Ministry Period of Ignorance

    A Religious Ministry Period of Ignorance

    The practice of position transactions at the religious affairs ministry has purportedly been going on for a long time. Figures from the United Development Party are suspected of being involved.

  • The Minister Should Have Known

    The Minister Should Have Known

    ALTHOUGH it has been two years since Mochammad Jasin retired from the religious affairs ministry, he still receives ample information from his former staffers regarding countering corruption there.

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