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Edition 29 April 2019

Cover Story

  • Eight Months in Pursuit of Sofyan

    Eight Months in Pursuit of Sofyan

    The KPK named PLN CEO Sofyan Basir as a suspect in the Riau-1 STEAM POWER PLANT graft case. But the anti-corruption agency’s leadership is divided. The KPK’s investigation was stalled due to police scrutiny into KPK Chairman Agus Rahardjo.

  • Held Hostage by an Old Case

    Held Hostage by an Old Case

    Agus Prabowo visited the Jakarta Police on Wednesday, February 20. Jakarta Police Special Crimes Director Sr. Comsr. Adi Deriyan had sent Agus a summons letter eight days prior.

  • The Fourth Suspect’s Game

    The Fourth Suspect’s Game

    Sofyan Basir was named suspect due to his active role in meetings held to arrange the Riau-1 coal-fired power plant project. There is condemning evidence that he agreed to receiving kickbacks.

  • Stung by Bowo Sidik’s Jabbering

    Stung by Bowo Sidik’s Jabbering

    Two weeks before the investigation warrant for Sofyan Basir in connection to the Riau-1 steam power plant (PLTU) project was signed, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) received fresh information on Sofyan’s involvement in another case.

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