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Edition 01 October 2019

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  • The Student Factor

    The Student Factor

    The palace gathered a number of public figures to help temper the student movement triggered by the Corruption Eradication Commission law revision and the plan to legislate problematic bills. President Jokowi is considering issuing a government regulation in lieu of law, but the plan is met with resistance from pro-government parties.

  • Love and Tear Gas

    Love and Tear Gas

    Student protesters rejected the agenda to oust President Jokowi. During demonstrations, they created a human barricade to protect against provocateurs.

  • Students in Action

    Students in Action

    THE legislation of the revised KPK Law and the plan to legislate a number of problematic bills triggered a wave of student protests in various cities. After a demonstration on September 19 in front of the parliament building in Jakarta, students in other cities joined the protests in the days that followed.

  • The Riddle of the Infiltrator

    The Riddle of the Infiltrator

    The police say the student protests were infiltrated. The Indonesian Military (TNI) was asked to secure the protests.

  • We are Considering a KPK Perpu

    We are Considering a KPK Perpu

    President Joko Widodo:

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