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Edition 29 October 2019

  • preacher from the Military Academy
    Cover Story

    preacher from the Military Academy

    President Joko Widodo is making the fight against radicalism one of his administration’s priorities. Taking a page from the New Order, he appointed a religious affairs minister with a military background. Nahdlatul Ulama rejects the decision.

  • Radicalism Among Civil Servants
    Cover Story

    Radicalism Among Civil Servants

    IN the past two months, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo has had to deal with two cases involving civil servants believed to have been exposed to religious radicalism.

  • Turning to Merdeka Barat
    Cover Story

    Turning to Merdeka Barat

    Prabowo Subianto’s inclusion in the cabinet transformed the cabinet’s constellation. Moeldoko was taken off the list of candidates.

  • Jokowi’s Second- Term Cabinet
    Cover Story

    Jokowi’s Second- Term Cabinet

    PRESIDENT Joko Widodo announced the names of 38 ministers and 12 deputy ministers who will assist him in his second term as president. Jokowi chose to reappoint several ministers who have been working with him since 2014. He again merges the research, technology and higher education ministry with the education and culture ministry; as well as the Creative Economy Agency—previously its own entity—with the tourism ministry. In the Indonesia Progress Cabinet, Jokowi embraces his contender in the past presidential election, Prabowo Subianto, as one of his helpers.

  • Leadership Distribution of DPR Agencies

    Leadership Distribution of DPR Agencies

    THE House of Representatives (DPR) has finished designating leaders of its agencies for the period of 2019-2024. The decision on the leadership distribution was made at a plenary meeting of the DPR on Tuesday, October 22.

  • An SOES Compromise

    An SOES Compromise

    Before he was appointed SOEs minister, Erick Thohir was mentioned as a candidate for defense minister. The PDI-P gave some input.

  • A Sign of Light at the Palace

    A Sign of Light at the Palace

    After months of delay, Vale’s divestment process finally resumed following a meeting between the company’s CEO and President Joko Widodo. They offered a discount.

  • Three’s Company and Cars of the Future

    Three’s Company and Cars of the Future

    After completing Vale’s divestment, Inalum joins hand with Pertamina to venture into the car battery industry, collaborating with Toyota Indonesia.

  • The Everlasting Burden of Economic Rents
    Market Pulse

    The Everlasting Burden of Economic Rents

    Concentrate on economy—that’s President Joko Widodo’s main objective in his second term.

  • A Red Carpet for a Close Partner

    A Red Carpet for a Close Partner

    Commissioner General Idham Azis is a sole candidate for National Police chief, to replace Tito Karnavian. The Palace once rejected him to be Tito’s deputy.

  • Law


    KPK’s Discouragement

    Some provisions of the revised Corruption Eradication Commission Law are contradictory. The law enforcement process has stopped.


  • Law

    Laode Muhammad Syarif, Deputy Chairman, Corruption Eradication Commission: This Law Makes Things Difficult for the KPK

    Laode Muhammad Syarif, Deputy Chairman, Corruption Eradication Commission: This Law Makes Things Difficult for the KPK

    SOME issues have cropped up since Law No. 19/2019 regarding the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) went into effect on October 17.

  • Arts

    Biennale Yogyakarta 2019 Biennale and Arts  from the Villages

    Biennale Yogyakarta 2019 Biennale and Arts from the Villages

    The Yogyakarta Biennale is focusing on social, political, economic and environmental issues in Southeast Asia. Works of politics and struggle from the periphery.

  • Fine Arts

    Political Works in the Biennale

    Political Works in the Biennale

    POSTERS of Marsinah surround the main verandah of the Jogja National Museum. Newspaper clippings about the bloody murder of the factory worker and her picure are stuck on the corrugated fence around the hall-sized verandah.

  • Interview

    Mohammad Mahfud Md., Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs: Separatism Is Worse Than Radicalism

    LAST Wednesday, October 23, was a long day for Mohammad Mahfud Md. He was at the Presidential Palace bright and early to be sworn in as the coordinating minister for political, legal and security affairs.




    THE fire that engulf Mount Ranti is seen from Tawonan, Taman Sari, Banyuwangi, East Java, Sunday, October 20. Strong winds in Mount Ijen Natural Park have caused trees to tumble and fires on Mount Ranti and Mount Widodaren to spread. ANTARA/Budi Candra Setya


  • About Wind Turbine

    About Wind Turbine

    I AM a wind turbine enthusiast and read an article in Tempo October 14-20, 2019 edition on page 18 titled Strong Wind Turbine for Coastal Area.

  • Genetical Mutation

    Genetical Mutation

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Questioning the New Cabinet

    Questioning the New Cabinet

    THE composition of the Indonesia cabinet that was announced by President Joko Widodo last week does not give much hope for Indonesia for the next five years.

  • Hoping for the Impossible

    Hoping for the Impossible

    President Joko Widodo has proposed Idham Azis as the new Polri chief. Jeopardizing reforms to the police.

  • The Shrinking Civic Space

    The Shrinking Civic Space

    The government is giving the impression of allowing intimidation and violence against activists. This is an old-fashioned recipe used by the New Order.

  • Jiwasraya’s Bad Medicine

    Jiwasraya’s Bad Medicine

    The state-owned enterprises ministry is to implement its scheme for rescuing Jiwasraya. This will become a bad precedent.

  • Sidelines

    Warfare has its own attraction. The ‘military’ are not always a group of stiff faces. And not only as on Army Day when the Indonesian Air Force gave an acrobatic display and about a thousand soldiers danced the Gemu Famire. There is also an imagining of attraction in the field of killing.

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