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  • The Interest Rate Vicious Cycle
  • The Staging of the Baddie and the Goodie

    The Staging of the Baddie and the Goodie

    The government will rescue Jiwasraya with insertion of state capital. Other plans are in the books to bridge the limited funds.

  • Long Legal Battle Ahead

    Long Legal Battle Ahead

    Four defendants in the Jiwasraya corruption case have been given life sentences. Retrieving back the loss, however, remains a big question mark.

  • Two-headed Dragon

    Two-headed Dragon

    The energy and mineral resources cluster within the omnibus law is regarded as a way to extend the old, problematic mineral and coal mining law. The royalty exemption clause for coal companies becomes a new controversy.

  • Killed by the Omnibus law

    Killed by the Omnibus law

    The Job Creation Law cancels the formation of a special state company for executing upstream oil and gas business activities. It has to wait for the revision of the Oil and Gas Law.

  • New Rush for Gold

    New Rush for Gold

    The spike in international gold prices prompts mining corporates to expand businesses. Companies are aggressively exploring for new reserves.

  • No Enthusiasm for Job Creation
  • Overly Optimistic in Time of Volatility
  • Governors’ Virtual Marketplace

    Governors’ Virtual Marketplace

    A number of regional heads are using their personal social media accounts to promote local small and medium businesses.

  • Of Catfish Pond and Old Agreements

    Of Catfish Pond and Old Agreements

    The government seeks to turn old assets into money. But the fate of premium assets, such as Hotel Sultan, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, and Plaza Semanggi, remains a mystery.

  • State Projects Budget Drama

    State Projects Budget Drama

    The government is scaling up the role of SOEs and public service agencies under the finance ministry. A strategy to brace against Covid-19 pandemic threats against numerous development plans.

  • Flight to Safety in a Prolong Pandemic
  • Importers’ Sweet Promises

    Importers’ Sweet Promises

    Thousands of tons of farmers’ sugarcane are piling up in factories owned by the state. They are chasing after importer’s promise.

  • Bitter Competition of Sugar Business

    Bitter Competition of Sugar Business

    A number of state sugar factories in East Java ended their milling season early. They became the first victims of the increasing fierce competition for sugar cane supplies.

  • Confidence in the Second Phase

    Confidence in the Second Phase

    The OJK is preparing the 2020-2024 Sustainable Finance Roadmap. It is claimed to give answers to criticisms towards the previous road map, which had been accused of being unable to put the brakes on funding towards environmentally-polluting companies.

  • Three Questions for Confidence
  • Here Again, Inconsistency and Volatility
  • A Middle Way for Green Energy

    A Middle Way for Green Energy

    A new price regulation for electricity from new and renewable energy sources will be issued coming soon. Full of incentives to pursue the 2025 target.

  • New Ambitions for Dieng-Patuha

    New Ambitions for Dieng-Patuha

    Geo Dipa is getting ready to continue developing power plants in Dieng and Patuha, after more than two decades of stagnation due to disputes and lack of funding.

  • Two Drafts, One Head

    Two Drafts, One Head

    Parliament is coming out with plan to discuss revising law on the Bank Indonesia, which many fear will erode the central bank’s independence. It seems to be heavily favoring the government.

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