• General Danny’s Final Operation

    General Danny’s Final Operation

    The Chief of the Papua Office of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) was killed while inspecting a checkpoint in the Beoga District, Puncak Regency. He had been raising public support in the area of operation.

  • Terrorist Branded from Merdeka Barat

    Terrorist Branded from Merdeka Barat

    The plan to name armed groups in Papua as terrorist organizations is spurred with the death of the Papua State Intelligence Agency Chief. The government is taking steps to prevent Papuan independence.

  • Terrorist Label for Papuan Armed Group
  • Forced Separation of the Research Institution

    Forced Separation of the Research Institution

    The PDI-P is pushing the National Research and Innovation Agency to become an autonomous institution. Megawati Soekarnoputri could potentially be appointed to chair its steering committee.

  • Rocking Muhaimin’s Boat

    Rocking Muhaimin’s Boat

    Some National Awakening Party (PKB) officials, who are removed before their terms ended, are closing ranks against Muhaimin Iskandar.

  • A Blessing from Ciganjur

    A Blessing from Ciganjur

    Pressure to hold an extraordinary congress is mounting among cadres of the National Awakening Party (PKB). There are indications that Yenny Wahid and Yaqut Cholil Qoumas are gathering support to take over the position of general chair. Muhaimin Iskandar is maneuvering, asking for the support of the Presidential Palace and grooming his older brother to lead the party.

  • Nusantara Vaccine’s Illegal Clinical Testing
  • President at Atta-Aurel Wedding
  • Ulema Interference in Broadcasting Content

    Ulema Interference in Broadcasting Content

    The ban to broadcast LGBT content is considered to be discriminative. The big hand of the Indonesia Ulema Council (MUI) is involved.

  • On Different Wavelengths

    On Different Wavelengths

    Some supporters of the Sexual Violence Eradication Bill are lobbying those who are against it in the House of Representatives. They have to face up to religious norms.

  • The KPK Stops a BLBI Case
  • Brother Boy’s Party Moves for 2024

    Brother Boy’s Party Moves for 2024

    Political party leaders are beginning to maneuver for the upcoming presidential election. Some are eyeing for candidates outside of the party.


  • A Threatening Love Letter

    A Threatening Love Letter

    The virtual police took action against social media accounts considered to have posted content containing hate speech and hoaxes. Some people who have been critical of the government received warnings as well.

  • BPOM Forbids Phase II Clinical Trial of Nusantara Vaccine
  • Former Commander's Maneuvers

    Former Commander's Maneuvers

    Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko continues maneuvering to take over the Democrat Party. He once asked to become general chairman to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono after he was no longer commander of the Indonesian Military. He is suspected of actively seeking the support of Democrat regional officials and cadres of other political parties. Some who are supportive of the current government administration have shown support for him on social media.

  • A Failed Lobby at the Cikeas Library

    A Failed Lobby at the Cikeas Library

    Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono got involved in facing the group which proposed the Democrat Party extraordinary congress. He asked his son to put up a fight.

  • The Fast Lane for Terawan’s Vaccine

    The Fast Lane for Terawan’s Vaccine

    Terawan Agus Putranto is promoting the Nusantara vaccine to a number of officials. The National Institute of Health Research and Development does not fully supported research plans for this dendritic-cell vaccine. Terawan is also attaching researchers’ names without their consent.

  • The Democrat Party Crisis 
    News Capsule

    The Democrat Party Crisis 

    The Chief of Presidential Staff Moeldoko was elected General Chairman of the Democrat Party in an extraordinary congress.

  • Loosening Criticism Curb

    Loosening Criticism Curb

    The Electronic Information and Transactions Law is being used to indict people for making public criticisms. The President asked his administration to study options for revising the law, not long after some criticisms of the government were made. There is more support to issue directives on interpreting the law rather than revising it.

  • Forced Hijab in Minang Land

    Forced Hijab in Minang Land

    Discrimination against non-muslim students occurred for years in Padang. Padang City government refused to revise the problematic regulation.

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