• Precious Metals Import Tax Dispute

    Precious Metals Import Tax Dispute

    Officials at the directorate-general of customs are disagreeing about tariffs and import taxes on gold imported by 11 companies at Soekarno-Hatta Airport from 2019-2021. State losses could potentially reach Rp2.9 trillion.

  • Bathing Ritual by the Cleric’s Son

    Bathing Ritual by the Cleric’s Son

    A key witness in the case of alleged sexual harassment in Shiddiqiyyah Islamic boarding school in Jombang, East Java, is being prosecuted. The school owner’s son has not been arrested despite being named as suspect.

  • Traces of Golkar in the Investigator’s Office

    Traces of Golkar in the Investigator’s Office

    The bribery case of Adj. Comr. Stepanus Robin Pattuju is suspected to involve other investigators and also the leadership of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). They used the Golkar Party network to carry out their actions.

  • The Torturers in Batik Shirts

    The Torturers in Batik Shirts

    Although the case has entered the stage of inquiry, the East Java Regional Police have not yet named suspects in the case of torture undergone by Tempo journalist Nur Hadi. There was the involvement of a middle ranking police officer.


  • Angin at Menoreh Hill

    Angin at Menoreh Hill

    The Corruption Eradication Commission KPK is looking into a resort owned by the former director of the Directorate General for Tax Audit and Collection, Angin Prayitno Aji. There is suspicion the money came from tax bribery. Many of the assets are under other people’s names.

  • If They Don't Pay, We Will Go After Them

    If They Don't Pay, We Will Go After Them

    Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mohammad Mahfud Md. is threatening debtors of the Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance (BLBI) funds, including Sjamsul Nursalim, with sequestering (gijzeling) if they fail to pay what they owe to BLBI. They can also face criminal charges.

  • BLBI's Unfinished Work

    BLBI's Unfinished Work

    The Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assitance (BLBI) Asset Recovery Task Force found at least a dozen problems when identifying assets belonging to 48 obligors. They plan to hunt down these assets all the way abroad.

  • Fruitless Efforts to Nail Sjamsul

    Fruitless Efforts to Nail Sjamsul

    The KPK continues to find steep roads and dead ends in investigating the BLBI case implicated Sjamsul Nursalim and his wife. Everything stops as Syafruddin Arsyad Temenggung walks free.

  • Promises of Heaven

    Promises of Heaven

    The Jamaah Ansharut Daulah group is using the prospect of marriage to lure in new female members. One woman tells how she nearly went to Syria after being promised marriage and being indoctrinated with the ideology of ISIS.

  • Bringing Women into the Fold

    Bringing Women into the Fold

    The involvement of women in terrorism has increased since the influence of ISIS first reached Indonesia in 2015. The government does not yet have a dedicated program for the deradicalization of women.

  • Hidden Politics amidst Legal Articles

    Hidden Politics amidst Legal Articles

    The court proceedings of Islam Defenders Front (FPI) leader Muhammad Rizieq Shihab is marred with bickering. His lawyer regards that Rizieq’s charges are filled with hidden articles.

  • Billions in Fisheries Extortion

    Billions in Fisheries Extortion

    The KPK seized Rp52.3 billion in cash in relation with the lobster larvae export corruption case at the marine affairs and fisheries ministry. It is suspected that the money is fees extorted from the exporters.

  • The Three Brigadiers and the Two Car Conundrum

    The Three Brigadiers and the Two Car Conundrum

    The National Police' Criminal Investigation Department investigated three officers with the rank of brigadier in the case of extrajudicial killings of members of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI). The reconstruction did not explain the fact that all of the victims died with gunshot wounds straight to the heart.


  • Jiwasraya Supervisor's Fear

    Jiwasraya Supervisor's Fear

    The Attorney General's Office still has not named any new suspect in the Asuransi Jiwasraya investment funds scandal. For quite a while now, the Financial Services Authority has detected foul play in Jiwasraya's asset placement, but no firm action was ever taken.

  • Army Gas Station Conflict

    Army Gas Station Conflict

    The Military Cooperatives and the Pasuruan Combat Battalion is in conflict with a businessman over management of a public gas station . The Indonesian Military (TNI) apparently continues to conduct business practices until today.

  • I Cancelled the Land Purchase in Labuan Bajo

    I Cancelled the Land Purchase in Labuan Bajo

    Retired Police Commissioner General Gories Mere explained the extent of his involvement on a case of land corruption in Torro Lemma Batu Kallo, Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, which is suspected of resulting in Rp3 trillion in state losses. He said that he cancelled the entire transaction in early 2018.

  • A Promise of Coffee at the Promised Land

    A Promise of Coffee at the Promised Land

    The East Nusa Tenggara Prosecutor's Office is looking into suspected corruption involving government-owned land in Labuan Bajo worth Rp3 trillion. Retired Police Commissioner Gen. Gregorius Mere and senior journalist Karni Ilyas are mentioned in connection with this case.

  • Bring On the Charges

    Bring On the Charges

    Former Pelabuhan Indonesia II chief executive officer Richard Joost Lino asked investigators at the Corruption Eradication Commission and Attorney General’s Office to complete work on the investigations being conducted on him. Lino’s wife and children have turned over their bank records to the AGO.

  • Two Cases, One Suspect

    Two Cases, One Suspect

    The Attorney General’s Office is investigating a new case against former Pelindo II CEO Richard Joost Lino. His old case in the Corruption Eradication Commission remains unresolved.

  • Drug Running from Behind Bars

    Drug Running from Behind Bars

    Cristian Jaya Kusuma is suspected of operating a drug trade ring in Central Java and surrounding areas from behind bars. He often involved law enforcement officers.

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