Human Rights

  • Prospect of Peace in Papua

    Prospect of Peace in Papua

    The plan by the TNI commander to resolve the conflict in Papua peacefully should go beyond words. It could begin with a ceasefire.

  • Soldiers' Softer Approach

    Soldiers' Softer Approach

    General Andika Perkasa is calling for a non-military approach to resolve conflicts in Papua. It is considered not effective unless troops are withdrawn.

  • Umi Sardjono and the Annual Ghost

    Umi Sardjono and the Annual Ghost

    It takes courage to expose what really happened in 1965, including about Gerwani and its leader Umi Sardjono. To this day, people still hate each other based on a concocted history.

  • Soft on Sukarno
    Cover Story

    Soft on Sukarno

    Gerwani, a feminist group that often spoke against polygamy, did not comment when President Sukarno remarried. It reasoned that the country needed a unifying figure.

  • Gabriella Meilani and the Never-Ending Violence in Papua

    Gabriella Meilani and the Never-Ending Violence in Papua

    A health care worker is killed in an attack in Papua. Political dialogue in that province must be started without delay.

  • Munir’s Murder Mystery

    Munir’s Murder Mystery

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Silencing Students Voice

    Silencing Students Voice

    No matter how impolite it is, criticism of the government from students must not be muzzled. Allowing rectors to hold a position in state-owned companies weakens the independence of campuses.

  • Repression against BEM UI Condemned
  • Protecting Minorities' Rights

    Protecting Minorities' Rights

    The religious and traditional authorities in Bali banned the activities of the Hare Krishna sect. The government must not remain silent.

  • Making Peace with Our Past

    Making Peace with Our Past

    A movie about the atrocities of the Dutch troops led by Raymond Westerling in 1940s triggers a controversy in the Netherlands. This opens the door to a range of interpretations on that dark period of history.

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