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Edition 20 June 2018

  • The Rise of Digital Preachers

    The Rise of Digital Preachers

    If you want to be smart when it comes to reading the signs of this age, learn from Ustad Abdul Somad Batubara.

  • Choosing Prison or Annual Bonus

    Choosing Prison or Annual Bonus

    The home affairs ministry has asked regional governments to revise their budgets to cover annual holiday bonuses (THR). Many regional heads may end up in prison.

  • Getting to the Bottom

    Getting to the Bottom

    Investigation into suspected corruption in the Air Force's procurement of a helicopter has stalled. A joint military-civilian court is necessary.

  • Questioning the Holiday

    Questioning the Holiday

    The government's unilateral decision to extend Idul Fitri leave is seen as inappropriate as it jeopardizes the business sector.

  • Preaching from the Digital Pulpit
    Cover Story

    Preaching from the Digital Pulpit

    Religious preaching has moved from real-world study groups to social media. Videos of religious sermons and lectures are watched by tens of millions of people. Internet technology can fill in the gap for traditional scholars.

  • Promoting Internet Preachers
    Cover Story

    Promoting Internet Preachers

    Special teams using social media strategies work behind the scenes to record and publicize the activities of online religious speakers.

  • The Link Between Sermons and Monetization
    Cover Story

    The Link Between Sermons and Monetization

    In addition to religious propagation, young teachers of religion can make money on the Internet. They can earn hundreds of millions of rupiah per month from YouTube.

  • Tinkering With The Draft Mining Law

    Tinkering With The Draft Mining Law

    The government and parliament will soon discuss a revision of the Mineral and Coal Mining Law. A number of articles trigger controversy.

  • Banks Go Digital

    Banks Go Digital

    Some banks are offering banking services through digital smartphone applications. They are challenging conventional services provided by major banks.

  • A Journey Across Differences

    A Journey Across Differences

    Indonesia’s pluralism is nothing short of an irony. On the one hand, diversity lends color to life and should, ideally, go hand in hand with the values of tolerance. But on the other hand, history has shown us how easy it is for conflicts to arise amid diversity, as we witnessed in Ambon, Maluku, in 1999, as well as in Poso, South Sulawesi, from the late 1990s until the early 2000s. Past spine-chilling clashes between Christians and Muslims in the two regions did not only consume lives but also produced territorial and psychological segregations. A number of groups and individuals have decided to act to restore peace and harmony in these regions. In Ambon, the Maluku Interfaith Institution (LAIM) and other groups have moved to action. Meanwhile, in Poso, former terrorism convict Arifuddin Lako is campaigning for peace through his films. Tempo English reports.

  • Outreach


    Seeking Redemption Through Film

    Former terrorism convict Iin Brur contributes to deradicalization through his films, promoting diversity and unity.


  • Law

    Grounded Case

    Grounded Case

    Military witnesses are slowing down the Corruption Eradication Commission and Indonesian Military’s joint investigation into alleged corruption in the procurement of a helicopter.

  • Interlude

    In Memory of Hoesin Bafagih and His Play Fatimah

    In Memory of Hoesin Bafagih and His Play Fatimah

    The above play, set in East Java in the 1930s, tells a story of Mochtar, a man of Arab descent who teaches at an Arab school.

  • Science & Technology

    Life As a Martian in the Utah Desert

    Life As a Martian in the Utah Desert

    An Indonesian citizen participated in a simulation of life on the Red Planet, held in a desert in Utah, United States. The simulation is meant to assess Mars’ feasibility for permanent habitation.

  • Sidelines

    The murder happened on 14 October 1092.

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