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Edition 14 August 2018


  • Indispensable Running Mates

    Indispensable Running Mates

    At first glance, Joko Widodo’s decision to choose Ma’ruf Amin as his running mate seems like a smart political strategy.

  • Emergency in Lombok

    Emergency in Lombok

    President Joko Widodo needs to intervene in the handling of the disaster in Lombok. Tens of thousands of people need immediate help.

  • Protecting Whistleblowers

    Protecting Whistleblowers

    A man who reported illegal mining was jailed and fined hundreds of millions. A blow for the anti-corruption movement.

  • Bracing for the Storm

    Bracing for the Storm

    The United States and the WTO are questioning Indonesia’s restrictive import policies. Our trade surplus with the US could soon be gone.

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