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  • After Weeks Of Earthquakes
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    After Weeks Of Earthquakes

    Lombok’s endless earthquakes have crippled government offices in the region. Problems abound, from uneven aid distribution to poor inter-institutional coordination, with the disaster status debate p...

  • A Ghost Village at the Foot of Rinjani
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    A Ghost Village at the Foot of Rinjani

    Almost all homes in Sembalun were destroyed in the recent series of earthquakes. Locals are still suffering from trauma amid diminishing supplies....

  • A Doublet Earthquake from the Flores Fault
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    A Doublet Earthquake from the Flores Fault

    The series of earthquakes in Lombok come from the same source: the Flores Back Arc Thrust. Recurrence has been caused by the fault’s multiple segments, causing the zone’s massive stores of energy ...

  • Willem Rampangilei, Chief Of National Disaster Mitigation Agency: The National Disaster Status Is No Longer Relevant
    Cover Story

    Willem Rampangilei, Chief Of National Disaster Mitigation Agency: The National Disaster Status Is No Longer Relevant

    LOMBOK has been a second home to Willem Rampangilei, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) chief, for almost one month till now. ...

  • Solidarity For Lombok

    Solidarity For Lombok

    IT is imperative the central and regional administrations immediately straighten out their coordination in meting out assistance to the victims of the disaster in the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tengg...

  • The Electoral Motive

    The Electoral Motive

    President Joko Widodo should have appointed a professional as the new Social Affair Minister. Putting more politician will only erode public’s trust. ...

  • Unfair Punishment

    Unfair Punishment

    A mother from Tanjungbalai has been jailed for complaining about mosque loudspeakers. The victim of a vague law....

  • Fixing the Bottom Line

    Fixing the Bottom Line

    The government’s policy to strengthen rupiah is not effective. Current account deficit is the root cause. ...

  • The Police Compromise

    The Police Compromise

    After Syafruddin’s departure, several candidates for National Police deputy chief emerged. The Presidential Palace eliminated a candidate recommended by the Police chief....

  • Little Sister Squeals on Big Brother

    Little Sister Squeals on Big Brother

    The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) named Idrus Marham the third suspect in a bribery case involving the Riau-1 Steam Power Plant project. It is suspected that bribe money went to the Golkar P...

  • Law


    Agus’ Boon Idrus’ Gloom

    Golkar had been preparing candidates to replace Idrus Marham back in mid-July. Agus Gumiwang beat out two other candidates.


  • Law

    Former Social Affairs Minister, Idrus Marham: I did nit receive the money

    IDRUS Marham made quite a surprise by resigning from his position as Social Affairs Minister, last Friday afternoon, at the Presidential Palace. ...

  • Law

    Meliana’s Malady

    For commenting on the volume of a mosque’s loudspeaker, Meliana was sentenced 18 months incarceration, despite minimal evidence. The sentence is harsher than that given to members of a mob in the Ta...

  • Economy

    Taming US Dollar

    Rupiah has been under pressure over the last two weeks. The government, central bank, business owners, and the Financial Services Authority seek to find strategies to tackle the issue....

  • Sport
    Word Watch


    Indonesia is hosting the Asian Games this month, and sport is in the news. ...

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    Time is not actually moving faster, but it is swallowing and spewing forth many things increasingly fast.

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