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Edition 02 October 2018

  • A Pink Vest for Karen
    Cover Story

    A Pink Vest for Karen

    Six weeks since she became a suspect, former Pertamina CEO Karen Agustiawan is now detained over suspected corruption in the company’s investment in an oil block in Australia. The Attorney General’s Office believes that the acquisition did not receive the board of commissioners’ approval. There are reports circulating that some are attempting to extort Karen.

  • Former CEO in the Hot Seat
    Cover Story

    Former CEO in the Hot Seat

    Karen Agustiawan carried Pertamina to its position as a world-class enterprise. Her name was mentioned in a bribery case.

  • Algeria’s Oil Investment in Kuningan
    Cover Story

    Algeria’s Oil Investment in Kuningan

    The Corruption Eradication Commission is investigating Pertamina’s suspected corruption in Algeria’s oil block investment. This case could also implicate Karen.

  • Everything Was Approved by the Board of Commissioners
    Cover Story

    Everything Was Approved by the Board of Commissioners

    KAREN Agustiawan, now a suspect in the alleged corruption of Pertamina’s acquisition in the Basker Manta Gummy Block, Australia, in 2009, has finally been detained by Attorney General’s Office (AGO) investigators after almost seven hours of examination last Monday. The AGO has placed her at the Pondok Bambu Detention Center, East Jakarta. Karen was declared a suspect in March by the AGO, which has asked the justice and human rights ministry’s directorate-general of immigration to ban her from overseas travel. Three of her former subordinates have also been named suspects in the case.

  • RETIRED generals Calling in the Troops

    RETIRED generals Calling in the Troops

    Retired military personnel are divided. Jokowi’s camp is still relying on Luhut Pandjaitan’s role.

  • Support  for the Incumbent

    Support for the Incumbent

    Regional government heads are lining up to support the Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin presidential bid. They are seeking promises of larger budgets and there are rumors of them being pressured by legal cases.

  • Inalum’s Contract for a Pile of Gold

    Inalum’s Contract for a Pile of Gold

    The signing of Freeport Indonesia’s share buying agreement was delayed for a day for the green light from the government’s internal auditor BPKP and the AGO.

  • Scrutinizing  the Agreement

    Scrutinizing the Agreement

    A number of issues do not seem to be resolved. Inalum will not be responsible for environmental impacts from the past.

  • Numbers
    Word Watch


    I was translating something the other day where a land measurement was written; it was 1.766,4846 hectares. Once again, on automatic pilot, I first just typed the same figure, and only when I was checking my translation did I see this mistake, and I changed around the full stops and commas—the land measurement in the English form of writing them is 1,766.4846 hectares (yes, around 1,766.5 hectares) and not approximately 1.8 hectares. Indonesian uses the European system of writing numbers, with the comma for the decimal marker and the point for the thousands separator.

  • Corruption or Business Risk?

    Corruption or Business Risk?

    PERTAMINA’s investment losses in the Basker Manta Gummy (BMG) Block in Australia, totalling Rp568 billion, is not sufficient to condemn former Pertamina CEO, Karen Agustiawan, a corruption suspect—let alone put her in detention after she underwent an initial examination. Only after enough evidence proves there has been untoward practices in the procedure for acquisition of 10 percent of the shares of Roc Oil Company Ltd by Pertamina, will it be acceptable to slap her with the status of suspect.

  • Outreach


    Fertilizer For Farmers

    Fertilizer supply was once a frequent issue for farmers in Boru Kedang, East Flores. The village administration then made the Tana Bojang Village Enterprise a fertilizer supplier.


  • Opinion

    Campaign Abuses

    Campaign Abuses

    Regional heads who join the campaign of presidential candidates can potentially hurt democracy. The rules are too loose.

  • Opinion

    Healing Old Wounds

    Healing Old Wounds

    The Attorney General should investigate the cases of crimes against humanity in Aceh. President Jokowi should not stay mum.

  • Opinion

    Punishing Brutal Supporters

    Punishing Brutal Supporters

    Heavy punishment must be meted out to soccer clubs with brutal supporters. Never again should there be dead victims.

  • Police: Please Pay Attention

    Police: Please Pay Attention

    Police: Please Pay Attention

  • What’s your business to ask that?

    What’s your business to ask that?

    What’s your business to ask that?

  • Sidelines

    In 1935, a young 27-year-old Indonesian poet spoke in the name of his generation when he wrote a poem that later became famous, Heading for the Sea, (here in Teeuw’s English translation):

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