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Edition 09 October 2018


  • Benefits from  the Costly Event

    Benefits from the Costly Event

    IMF-World Bank annual meeting is kicking off in this week in Bali on October 8 to 14.

  • Clearing Up Hoax

    Clearing Up Hoax

    Ratna Sarumpaet’s lie reeks of political and electoral motives. The police must deal with case fairly and squarely.

  • Don’t Stop at Lucas

    Don’t Stop at Lucas

    Lucas’ detention could very well be the opening needed to unentangle all the things obstructing the effort to combat corruption. It’s time for some cleaning up.

  • Restoring Palu

    Restoring Palu

    We have not fully learned the lesson from the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Aceh 14 years ago. On September 27, Palu, Donggala and Sigi in Central Sulawesi were wrecked by the same disasters claiming more than 1,700 lives.

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