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Edition 09 October 2018

Special Report

  • Bulldozed by Printed Batik

    For decades, traditional batik had been bulldozed by printed batik. It made a comeback after obtaining recognition from the UNESCO.

  • The Revival of Traditional Textiles

    The arrival of batik cetak (printed batik) was a disaster for Indonesia’s batik tulis (hand-drawn batik) industry. Batik tulis producers try to survive in this market. They try to be innovative, from developing a tourism batik village to modifying their batik’s style and colors.

  • The Maestros’ Legendary Heritage

    Solo is the birth place of batik tiga negeri and batik Indonesia. They are the legendary heritage of Chinese Indonesian maestros.

  • Sukarno’s Favorite Master

    Solo is the birthplace of Go Tik Swan, the Chinese batik maestro who was bestowed the royal title of Panembahan Hardjonagoro from the Kasunanan Palace of Surakarta. Go was President Sukarno’s favourite batik master. Indonesia’s first president asked him to create batik Indonesia, with some designs still in existence now.

  • Gems from Java

    Gems from Java

    Batik was popular in the Netherlands in the mid 19th century. It gave birth to the classical Haarlem and Vlisco batik.

  • Facing the Onslaught of Printed Batik

    Since it obtained recognition from the UNESCO as a non-tangible cultural heritage on October 2, 2009, batik has achieved prima donna status. Batik has become the requisite attire worn by all manner of society for all sorts of occasions. The batik market, too, continues to thrive.

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