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Edition 16 October 2018


  • Disaster Funding

    Disaster Funding

    State assets of Rp11 trillion will be insured starting from next year. The World Bank has given funding and the strategy to carry it out.

  • Premium Drama in Nusa Dua

    Premium Drama in Nusa Dua

    President Joko Widodo ordered for the cancellation of Premium gasoline’s price hike. The plan to increase fuel prices, along with Pertamina’s financial situation, had been discussed at the Vice President’s office.

  • Collaboration to Reveal Corruption

    Collaboration to Reveal Corruption

    IndonesiaLeaks is a platform for various media and the public to reveal crimes. This new media trend has spread to numerous countries.

  • Troubled Waters Around the Port

    Troubled Waters Around the Port

    The government seems divided after a court canceled Marunda Port’s concession. Both parties are lobbying key officials.

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