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Edition 23 October 2018

Cover Story

  • The Big Boss’ Footprints

    The Big Boss’ Footprints

    Lippo Group CEO James Riady is implicated in the bribery case plaguing the Meikarta project. The KPK team searched his home, suspecting there may be evidence of foul play. There is suspicion that he once met with suspects in the case and was aware of the bribery.

  • Crunch Time for District 28

    Crunch Time for District 28

    There is suspicion that residential apartment towers in Meikarta were built before building permits were issued. Meikarta’s marketing may have been in violation of the law.

  • Anxious Buyers

    Anxious Buyers

    DOZENS sat on rows of sofas facing the station where buyers select apartment units at the Meikarta Marketing Gallery in Cikarang, Bekasi Regency, last Thursday.

  • An Ambitious Project in Trouble

    An Ambitious Project in Trouble

    When the Meikarta project in Cikarang, Bekasi Regency, West Java, was still in its planning phase, there were already suspicions of foul play.

  • New CITY In Cibatu

    New CITY In Cibatu

    Lippo Group claims it will build a new city on an area of 774 hectares with various modern facilities.

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