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Edition 16 October 2018

Cover Story

  • The Blue Shirt versus the Black cap

    In their position as vice-presidential running mates, Ma’ruf Amin and Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno began working quickly to raise support after registering at the General Election Commission (KPU) last August 10. Sandiaga, 49, is targeting women and millennials. Dressed in a sporty blue outfit, this former deputy governor of Jakarta, who is called a santri (an Islamic boarding school student) by the top officials of the Justice and Prosperity Party (PKS), is visiting the markets and university campuses.

  • A Kiai for Everyone

    A team is given the task to polish Ma’ruf Amin, so that he would be acceptable for millennials and non-Muslims.

  • Wooing a Former Enemy

    Ma’ruf Amin is approaching minorities and Ahok supporters. He is dealing with possible fallout from an old religious ruling.

  • Help From Mom And An American Friend

    Targeting millennial voters, Sandiaga Uno often dresses in a blue shirt. He does not plan to attack the opposing candidates.

  • The Running Mates

    Competing as running mates in the upcoming presidential election, Ma’ruf Amin and Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno are working on their respective campaigns. They are visiting many social circles, ranging from millennials, Islamic boarding school students, and minority groups. They are improving their respective public images in order to attract voters.

  • Votes at the Feet of housewives

    Sandiaga Uno believes that groups of housewives will determine the outcome of the presidential election. He is targeting 130 million votes.

  • He Was Actually A Shy Child

    The campaign style of vice-presidential candidate Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno is influenced by his mother, Rachmini Rachman or Mien Uno. Mien, who has knowledge about character education, taught Sandiaga to speak to improve the listeners’ interest.

  • Father Is A Humorous Person

    Becoming a vice-presidential candidate has not deterred Ma’ruf Amin away from his habit of wearing a sarong. Behind his unique dress and speaking style, Ma’ruf’s family plays a part as well. His family is helping with some of the candidate’s campaign activities.

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