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Edition 06 November 2018

  • The Red Lion That Flew Blind
    Cover Story

    The Red Lion That Flew Blind

    The Lion Air air carrier traveling from Jakarta to Pangkapinang already had known failures and was even grounded from flying the day before....

  • The Eagle’s Grim Accounts
    Cover Story

    The Eagle’s Grim Accounts

    Lion Air is notorious for its flight delays and long list of aviation accidents....

  • Last Conversation Above Karawang
    Cover Story

    Last Conversation Above Karawang

    AS IF flying blind, Lion Air PK-LQP flight number JT610 traveling from Jakarta to Pangkalpinang requested Air Traffic Control (ATC)...

  • No Goodbyes from Tio
    Cover Story

    No Goodbyes from Tio

    The Lion Air crash caused hundreds in Bangka Belitung to lose family members. A couple lost their daughter, their son in-law and two grandchildren. ...

  • 85 percent of Airplane Accidents Are Caused by Human Errors
    Cover Story

    85 percent of Airplane Accidents Are Caused by Human Errors

    Last Monday at around 7am, Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi, 61...

  • Hooking Those in Charge

    Hooking Those in Charge

    Deputy DPR Speaker Taufik Kurniawan is suspected of receiving money from Special Allocation Funds of the Kebumen regency...

  • New Chapter in The PKS Feud

    New Chapter in The PKS Feud

    Some officials of the Justice and Prosperity Party (PKS) in a number of regions have joined an organization formed by Anis Matta....

  • Verdict after Legian

    Verdict after Legian

    The Supreme Court grants Oesman Sapta Odang’s judicial review on the General Elections Commission’s regulation....

  • Apartment Entrapment

    Apartment Entrapment

    Many of Meikarta’s consumers did not sign agreements with the developer, lured by abundant advertised promotion....

  • Plantation Hush Money

    Plantation Hush Money

    High-ranking officials of the Sinar Mas Group are suspected of bribing some members of the Central Kalimantan Regional Legislative Council...

  • Outreach


    Clay Batik and Ancient Script

    Batik textile does not only come from Java, but also from other regions, such as West Sumatra and Jambi.


  • Interlude

    An Indonesian Story in Curacao

    Curacao maintains traces of Indonesian history and culture, brought there through Dutch colonialism....

  • Interlude

    Dutch East Indies Architecture in  the Caribbean

    In the beginning of the 20th century, architects from the Dutch East Indies visited Curacao and left a legacy of buildings that are the spitting image...

  • Scene & Heard

    Batik Diplomacy

    Ahmad Rusdi...

  • PPIM’s Clarifications of Intolerant Teachers Survey

    PPIM’s Clarifications of Intolerant Teachers Survey

    PPIM’s Clarifications of Intolerant Teachers Survey...

  • *Grandpa, I feel sick...

    *Grandpa, I feel sick...

    Kakek, Aku Mau Muntah......

  • Tragic Negligence

    Tragic Negligence

    The Lion Air tragedy has stirred up emotions among the people: sorrow mixed with anger and concern. ...

  • Breaking the Vicious Circle

    Breaking the Vicious Circle

    There is now yet another corruption case involving special allocation funds at the House of Representatives. The rules must be revised....

  • Meikarta’s Fiasco

    Meikarta’s Fiasco

    The Meikarta bribery case has prompted a number of customers to ask for their money back. Consumer rights must be protected....

  • Supreme Blunder

    Supreme Blunder

    The Supreme Court has allowed political party committee to become members of the Regional Representatives Council....

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