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Edition 04 December 2018

  • The Seven-Day “Boyolali” Battle
    Cover Story

    The Seven-Day “Boyolali” Battle

    With the support of their campaign teams, presidential and vice-presidential candidates are making what seems like offhand comments. ...

  • The Hashtag Spectre
    Cover Story

    The Hashtag Spectre

    Jokowi and Prabowo’s social media teams have to simultaneously defend their candidates and strike at the enemy. ...

  • Cyberspace War
    Cover Story

    Cyberspace War

    JOKO Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin and Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno’s battles on social media ...

  • Piling Projects at Cikampek

    Piling Projects at Cikampek

    Inconsistent progress of three projects at the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road caused restlessness among sub-contractors supplying heavy equipment. ...

  • Merpati Dreams to Fly Again

    Merpati Dreams to Fly Again

    Kim Johanes Mulia has had his eyes on Merpati Nusantara Airlines for a long time. He is now just one approval away from achieving that goal. ...

  • Retreating over Foreign Invasion

    Retreating over Foreign Invasion

    The government finally re-included five business sectors in the Negative Investment List following criticism from both the opposition and business...

  • A Former Prosecutor in Lockup

    A Former Prosecutor in Lockup

    The Attorney General’s Office detains former prosecutor Chuck Suryosumpeno on the charge of misusing assets from a convict of Bank Indonesia Liquidity...

  • Hercules in Kilometer-18

    Hercules in Kilometer-18

    Police arrested Hercules for unlawfully occupying a piece of land in West Jakarta. Two Supreme Court decisions were issued on the case....

  • Islam’s Footsteps in Al-Andalus
  • 27 Steps of Ravi Bharwani

    27 Steps of Ravi Bharwani

    Director Ravi Bharwani and screenplay writer Rayya Makarim have again collaborated. ...

  • Arts


    Full Moon over Borobudur

    The performance of Melati Suryodarmo, Tony Broer and Anwari at the Borobudur Writers and Cultural Festival 2018 was full of life.


  • Interview

    Do Not Trade Holy Verses for Cheap Aims

    MUHAMMADIYAH has the position of being on the rim to the vortex of practical politics. ...

  • Outreach

    Batik’s Influence in Toraja

    Several studies have found Toraja in South Sulawesi to be another home to batik. ...

  • Market Pulse

    Thanks to Donald Trump

    There are many people who dislike or even hate US President Donald Trump. ...

  • While other nations have explored the space
  • Unruly Slanging Match

    Unruly Slanging Match

    Unruly Slanging Match...

  • Cleaning Up Hoodlums

    Cleaning Up Hoodlums

    An all-out operation to eradicate thugs is yet to be carried out. Their exploits disrupt economic activity....

  • Half-Baked Policy

    Half-Baked Policy

    The irresolute attitude of the minister of transportation concerning two infrastructure projects is making the market confused. ...

  • No More Wishy-washy

    No More Wishy-washy

    The government cancelled the decision to open up a number of businesses for foreign investment. Half-baked policies strike again....

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