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Edition 11 December 2018

Special Report

  • No More Heroes

    LATELY, Indonesian cinema has been dominated by films with virtuous, pious, and flawless protagonists.

  • The Problem of a Lengger’s Body

    This film is the perfect mix between strong narration, poetic images, and socio-political criticism typical of Garin Nugroho.


    Kucumbu Tubuh Indahku explores masculine and feminine subjects within a single body. It is the peak of Garin Nugroho’s maturity as a film director.

  • Lonely Gading

    Lonely Gading

    Gading Marten acts naturally in the film Love for Sale, completely immersed in his character, an owner of a desolate print shop.

  • Peering into  the Obsessive-Compulsive Soul

    Peering into the Obsessive-Compulsive Soul

    Raihaanun has brilliantly succeeded playing May. She manages to conquer May’s various and difficult spectrum of emotions.

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