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Edition 13 November 2018

Special Report

  • Ushering in Industrial Revolution 4.0

    Hoping to rank among the world’s top 10 economies in 2030, the government is promoting five primary sectors to enter a new chapter in history.

  • Automotive Industry at  the Ready

    Car factories are using robots to increase production while cutting down on labor cost. Big data provides the base for the working mechanism.

  • Logistics’ Robot Hands

    Logistics’ Robot Hands

    Courier services rely on automatic sorting and digitized, monitored tracking. It is a race against time and competitors.

  • Fourth Generation Textiles

    Textile and garment companies invest up to tens of millions of dollars towards industry 4.0. The role of humans eradicated.

  • Hailing Cabs in Cyberspace

    Those in the public transportation business have been moving to digital systems to improve efficiency.

  • Change Does Not Happen with the Rub on the Lamp

    Change Does Not Happen with the Rub on the Lamp

    There has been an industrial revolution going on at Bogasari Four Mills.

  • Bolstering Specialized Skills

    Bolstering Specialized Skills

    The government launched various programs aimed at producing workers with specialized skills.

  • Two Sides of the Revolution

    The year 2019 will be a special year as the fourth industrial revolution penetrates deeper into humanity.

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