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Edition 15 January 2019

Special Report

  • Fending Off The Dreaded Cliche

    TO be considered great, art has to fend itself against falling into cliche.

  • The Man Who Uses Thread And Knitting Needles

    His work is co-created with scores of female homemakers. He has catapulted homecraft, usually denigrated by the canons of modern art, into something exalted.

  • Sublime Performance

    The intense movements of the dancers are also footfalls from the Mahesi, a meditation practice in Siva Buddhism.

  • Buginese Rapalan In A Folksy Wrapping

    Through their album, La Marupè, the music group,Theory of Discoustic, presents music with lyrics inspired by Buginese-Makassarese folklore. The traditional elements are not there as mere gimmicks.

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