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Edition 12 March 2019

  • Delegates of Hope
    Special Report

    Delegates of Hope

    Amid public pesimism toward politics and the election, these six individuals are stepping forward as legislative candidates. Their track records in fighting for public interests are tried and tested. They—labor and environmental activists, as well as an advocate for the disabled and marginalized groups, among others—are worthy of the people’s votes.

  • The ‘Little Person’ Among Giants
    Special Report

    The ‘Little Person’ Among Giants

    After years of bullying, she became an ardent advocate for the rights of women and the disabled. In her door-to-door campaign, done on a limited budget, she promises to fight for the rights of the marginalized.

  • Shaken by the May 1998 Atrocities
    Special Report

    Shaken by the May 1998 Atrocities

    After years of activism, Firliana Purwanti is entering politics. She hopes to improve the lives of domestic workers.

  • A Rare Character From Serpong
    Special Report

    A Rare Character From Serpong

    Azmi Abubakar, with a Gayo lineage, founded the Chinese-Indonesian Library Museum. He has been criticized during his campaign.

  • Guardian of Mollo’s Marble Mountain
    Special Report

    Guardian of Mollo’s Marble Mountain

    Spearheading the women’s protest against mining companies, Aleta Kornelia Baun is now continuing her activism in politics. She hands out plant seeds during her campaigns.

  • From the Streets to Parliament
    Special Report

    From the Streets to Parliament

    After two decades in the world of labor and human rights activism, including a failed attempt to set up a labor party, Surya Tjandra is currently running for a legislative seat through the Indonesian Solidarity Party. His campaigns focus on constituency funding and money politics.

  • Advocate for Minorities
    Special Report

    Advocate for Minorities

    In his fiery battle for pluralism, Zuhairi Misrawi entered the race as a legislative candidate. The polemic surrounding Basuki Tjahaja Purnama caused him to be assigned to a new electoral region.

  • A Woman at Andi’s Arrest

    A Woman at Andi’s Arrest

    The police arrested Democrat Party politician Andi Arief on the charge of using crystal methamphetamine in Room 1214 of Menara Peninsula Hotel, West Jakarta, on March 3. During the raid, Andi was with a woman whose last name is Mentari alias Lia.

  • Criminalized


    The police arrested activist Robertus Robet for making a speech against the return of military involvement in the government. The military itself was not offended by his words.

  • Still Relying upon  the Temporary Stopgap
    Market Pulse

    Still Relying upon the Temporary Stopgap

    The rupiah once again is back on a downturn trend.

  • Economy


    Non-negotiable Price for Domestic Production

    The energy and mineral resources ministry has cut the coal production quota for a number of provinces. The decision triggers businesses to worry.


  • Economy

    Limited to Small Firms’ Market

    Limited to Small Firms’ Market

    A set of problems arise in the efforts to meet domestic coal supply goals.

  • Interview

    Tell the Mafia Kingpins to Face Me

    Tell the Mafia Kingpins to Face Me

    Indonesia U-23 National Team Coach, Indra Sjafri:

  • Outreach

    Restoring the Forest

    Restoring the Forest

    Local residents are lending a hand in the restoration of their forest.

  • Photo

    Picture Window

    Battle of The Sexes

    Several women in traditional Javanese garb stage a rally to commemorate the International Women’s Day in Cengklik Dam, Boyolali, Central Java, Monday, February 2. With the theme “Against Sexism and Stereotypes Gender,” the action was a show of women’s emancipation, as well to educate the public—women in particular—not to neglect traditional and cultural values during the influx of modernization. ANTARA/Aloysius Jarot Nugroho


  • *High Politics

    *High Politics

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Finding Best Candidates

    Finding Best Candidates

    It is ironic that at a time when communication is becoming easier and easier, the public knows very little about the people standing to represent them.

  • A Tale of Narcotics and Politics

    A Tale of Narcotics and Politics

    The police have provided inconsistent information about the narcotics case involving a Democratic Party politician. This contradictory information has made people suspicious.

  • Protecting Freedom of Speech

    Protecting Freedom of Speech

    The status of suspect for lecturer and activist Robertus Robet must be revoked. This is a bad precedent for democracy.

  • Coal Policy Dilemma

    Coal Policy Dilemma

    The government has increased the target for the supply of coal to the domestic market. This policy will harm business and the economy.

  • Sidelines

    On a small proscenium stage, five girls sang in chorus; then one stepped forward: Calabrisella mia, Calabrisella mia, Calabrisella mia, Facimmu ammore

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