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Edition 23 April 2019

  • One More Time
    Cover Story

    One More Time

    QUICK COUNT results from a number of survey institutions have put Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin as the winner for the 2019 presidential elections.

  • the Corona and the Holy Land
    Cover Story

    the Corona and the Holy Land

    Jokowi failed to reach the targeted number of votes. His campaign was ineffective. 

  • Red and Green Tie the knot
    Cover Story

    Red and Green Tie the knot

    Jokowi and Ma’ruf saw victory by a landslide in Central and East Java. This victory shows a unison between nationalists and the NU faithful.

  • The President of South Jakarta
    Cover Story

    The President of South Jakarta

    Prabowo Subianto insists he triumphed in the presidential race. The two-time presidential hopeful plans to rally the people in his support, in a non-violent display of “people power.”

  • Thanks to Religion and Fake News
    Cover Story

    Thanks to Religion and Fake News

    Prabowo still managed to amass votes from his voter bases. It’s likely that fake news helped the former military commander’s case.

  • Support From the Old Crew
    Cover Story

    Support From the Old Crew

    Quick counts from various survey institutions showed that Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin came out ahead of their rival candidate pair, Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, in the 2019 presidential election.

  • The Last Breath of Polling Officers

    The Last Breath of Polling Officers

    TEN polling station working committee (KPPS) officers in West Java died at the time of and after executing their duties in the general elections on Wednesday, April 17.

  • Waste Not the Victory
    Market Pulse

    Waste Not the Victory

    It is time for Indonesia to tidy up.

  • Mandiri Aims for the Top

    Mandiri Aims for the Top

    The purchase of Bank Permata shares has entered due diligence process. Standard Chartered, Astra and Mandiri high-ranking officials met in Singapore to discuss the acquisition plan.

  • Profit after Loss

    Profit after Loss

    Garuda started recording profits by the end of last year. Most were gained on revenue outside passenger tickets.

  • Law


    Singapore Dollars from the Minister’s courier

    Bribery suspect Bowo Sidik Pangarso admitted to accepting money from Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita. The money was likely meant to secure sugar trade policies in parliament.


  • Obituari

    Neles Tebay Clears The Path Clearing

    Neles Tebay Clears The Path Clearing

    Papuan peacemonger for his province, Father Neles Kebadabi Tebay, has passed. He was adamant that peace could be wrought through dialogue.

  • Interview

     There Was No Structured Cheating

    There Was No Structured Cheating

    Abhan, Chair, Election Supervisory Board:

  • Interlude

    Bosnia-Herzegovina, 24 Years Later...

    Bosnia-Herzegovina, 24 Years Later...

    Twenty-four years after the civil war, Bosnia and Herzegovina are striving to move forward. Although tourism is developing at a rapid pace, the specter of unemployment still looms over the country. In Sarajevo, former key locations in the civil war have been turned into memorials and sites for tourism.

  • Outreach

    Keeping the Deaf Ahead of the Game

    In Malang, a group of youngsters are making the community pay attention to disability issues, particularly for the Deaf. They are the Aksi Arek Tuli group, and work to empower the diffabled.



    Picture Window


    In Indonesia, the general elections is identical to party time, if the following pictures can be used as evidence. Throughout the poll booths dotted around the country, we discovered volunteers who had made an effort to make the vote a festive and fun event, yet still carried it out in all seriousness.


  • Disability Coverage

    Disability Coverage

    My heartfelt thanks for the special report entitled A Few Good Men in Tempo’s March 12-18, 2019, edition. I must admit the report favorably boosted my popularity while I was campaigning for a legislative seat at Senayan.

  • Be Calm!

    Be Calm!

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • After the Victory

    After the Victory

    Quick count results following the 2019 presidential election show that Prabowo Subianto has lost, but that doesn’t mean Joko Widodo won a convincing victory.

  • We Can Do Better

    We Can Do Better

    The KPU has successfully organized simultaneous elections. The proposed separation of legislative and presidential elections must be rejected.

  • Time to Clean Up

    Time to Clean Up

    Minister Enggartiasto Lukita has been caught up in a corruption case involving a Golkar politician. It is time Jokowi cleaned up his cabinet.

  • Acquiring Permata

    Acquiring Permata

    Mandiri Bank’s plan to acquire Permata Bank is in line with the desire for consolidation in the banking system. Caution is needed to avoid a mis-step.

  • Sidelines

    In Najaf, history is built from loss.

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