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Edition 14 May 2019

  • Young Ministers, Chapter II
    Cover Story

    Young Ministers, Chapter II

    There are reports that President Jokowi will soon reshuffle his cabinet, filling it with new names. While some ministers will likely remain, Jokowi’s old team has begun sifting through candidates. Jokowi’s coalition members oppose the effort to embrace the National Mandate Party and the Democratic Party.

  • Post-Idul Fitri Reshuffle
    Cover Story

    Post-Idul Fitri Reshuffle

    The State Palace seems to signal a cabinet reshuffle. It is a warning to current cabinet members who are embroiled in cases with the KPK.

  • Tidying Up the Cabinet
    Cover Story

    Tidying Up the Cabinet

    JOKO Widodo, who is likely to return to presidency, plans to reshuffle the cabinet toward the end of his first term.

  • Schism in the Judicial Commission

    Schism in the Judicial Commission

    Leadership in the Judicial Commission has split in the past three years. There was an anonymous letter highlighted on a number of commissioners.

  • A Team of Public Speech Watchdogs
    News Capsule

    A Team of Public Speech Watchdogs

    COORDINATING Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto formed a Legal Assistance Team to keep watch over public statements. According to Wiranto, this team is to ensure that the country maintains good public order and is safe and orderly.

  • Following Footsteps

    Following Footsteps

    The President proposed a sole candidate for Bank Indonesia senior deputy governor, Destry Damayanti. She has been walking in the shoes of predecessor Mirza Adityaswara.

  • Fortune from MRT Access

    Fortune from MRT Access

    Blok M Plaza is seeing flocks of visitors again after suffering a loss of almost Rp400 billion. The mall took to major renovations now that it is directly connected through a bridge to the MRT station.

  • On the Defense Due to Ummah Donations

    On the Defense Due to Ummah Donations

    The police said that they named Chairman of the National Fatwa Guardians Movement Bachtiar Nasir a money laundering suspect a long time ago. He is suspected of misusing funds raised for defending Islam protests.

  • ODD Trails in the Vanessa Case

    ODD Trails in the Vanessa Case

    The trial on Vanessa Angel increasingly revealed anomalies on how the police handled the case. A money transfer of Rp80 million was made by a person allegedly close to the police.

  • Everything was According to Legal Facts

    Everything was According to Legal Facts

    Adjunct Senior Commissioner Harissandi

  • Interview


    Bambang Brodjonegoro, Minister of National Development Planning: The New Capital Will Not Be A Second Jakarta

    A mid severe floods that saw parts of Jakarta submerged at the end of April, President Joko Widodo rekindled the plan to move the capital city.


  • Asean & Beyond

    Facebook Posting Backlash

    Facebook Posting Backlash

    Activist Jolovan Wham is clashing again with Singaporean law enforcers. He has been an avid defender of migrant workers’ rights.

  • Outreach

    Turning Trash to Gold

    Turning Trash to Gold

    Bank Sampah Sakinah (Sakinah Trash Bank) has done more than manage trash produced by Batu Gadang residents in Padang City. The award-winning endeavor has also helped local residents earn more through recycling.

  • Letters

    Disappointed by Online Ojek Rates

    Disappointed by Online Ojek Rates

    THE government’s decision to apply the floor rate of Rp2,000 and the ceiling rate of Rp2,500 per kilometer for application based ojek (motorcycle taxis) as of May 1 should be positively responded to.

  • Cartoon


    Cartoon: Imam Yunni



    Picture Window

    High And Mighty

    Mount Sinabung in the Karo Regency, North Sumatra, spews volcanic materials 2,000 meters into the air when it erupts on Tuesday, May 7. ANTARA /Sastrawan Ginting


  • Save the Judicial Commission

    Save the Judicial Commission

    Unethical conduct by Commissioners of the Judicial Commission has led to internal conflict. Oversight of judges must not be neglected.

  • All the President’s Men

    All the President’s Men

    It is time president Joko Widodo showed a serious commitment to battling corruption.

  • Justice for Vanessa

    Justice for Vanessa

    There are many irregularities in the trial of Vanessa Angel. The police stand accused of engineering the case.

  • Illegal Assistance Team

    Illegal Assistance Team

    The establishment of the Legal Assistance Team has no legal basis. It stifles freedom of expression as guaranteed by the Constitution.

  • Sidelines

    The dwarf, the bastard, the eunuch with his falsetto…they are not strong impeccable characters like Diana, the Amazonian with a perfect figure in Wonder Woman, or Clark Kent, the handsome, polite, awkward man who occasionally transforms into Superman.

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