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Edition 23 May 2019

Cover Story

  • A New Path for the Famous

    A New Path for the Famous

    Some celebrities are truly embracing their Muslim faith. Although a few have completely left the entertainment industry, more than a handful instead gained fame with their new “pious” look. Social media platforms add fuel to the phenomenon.

  • The Musician’s Silent Mission

    The Musician’s Silent Mission

    Yuki Martawidjaya’s hair appeared slick under his peci (fez-like cap). No one has seen his old signature long hair in a while.

  • Making Profit from Piety

    Making Profit from Piety

    The return-to-Islam phenomenon has created business opportunities. These businesses need more Muslims to be involved.

  • Pioneers of Repentant

    Pioneers of Repentant

    Celebrities “returning” to Islam is not a new phenomenon. The first wave of repentant celebrities were eyed with suspicion by the government and associated with a banned group.

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