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Edition 04 June 2019

  • A Tennis Bag and the May 22 Plot
    Cover Story

    A Tennis Bag and the May 22 Plot

    Members of the military and a retired general are believed to have been involved in delivering weapons and ammunition for the May 22 “protest.” With the intention of producing martyrs, a certain group prepared weapons and snipers. The commander of the Army’s Special Forces made an announcement in response to the riots.

  • Post-Election Riots
    Cover Story

    Post-Election Riots

    AFTER the General Elections Commission (KPU) announced the winning pair in the presidential election on Tuesday, May 21, Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno’s supporters mobilized the masses, calling the effort a show of ‘people power’. Tuesday noon’s peaceful demonstrations turned violent at night, continuing until the next day. Fires broke out at several areas in the capital city.

  • Ammo on an Ambulance
    Cover Story

    Ammo on an Ambulance

    The police suspect a group of people were paid to turn the May 22 protest into rioting. Some were sent from outside Jakarta.

  • The Hunt For Hoax

    The Hunt For Hoax

    THE police were hunting and capturing those spreading hoaxes prior to and following the riots of May 22. The domiciles of those spreading false information were scattered over various regions. Until Friday, May 24, the police had seized four hoax sharing perpetrators via social media accounts.

  • Waiting for the Crack Seven
    Market Pulse

    Waiting for the Crack Seven

    Jakarta's financial markets are relatively calm after last week commotion.

  • For the Sake of Fresh Funding

    For the Sake of Fresh Funding

    Hundreds of private pawn businesses do not have operational permits. The Financial Services Authority is tightening supervision to protect consumers.

  • Pawning Through Phone

    Pawning Through Phone

    State-owned pawnshop Pegadaian wants to ride the wave of financial technology disruption by collaborating with existing services.

  • From Watches to Private Jets

    From Watches to Private Jets

    Private pawnshops continue to innovate as they face competition. They are targeting the upper class while working with the lower class.

  • Patrol Boats Rigged Auctions

    Patrol Boats Rigged Auctions

    The Corruption Eradication Commission named three suspects in a corruption allegation during the procurement of 16 patrol boats in the Directorate-General of Customs. The antigraft agency is targeting officials of the institution.

  • Riot at Langkat Prison

    Riot at Langkat Prison

    A riot at the Langkat prison for narcotics offenders is said to be the result of inmates being fed up with the rampant abuse and extortion committed by prison guards.

  • Interview


    Retno Lestari Priansari Marsudi, Foreign Minister: We Can Only Remind the World About Palestine

    NEW YORK has almost become a second home of late to Foreign Minister Retno Lestari. Through the month of May, she has to fly back and forth between Jakarta and New York on almost 24 hours long flights to fulfill the UN Security Council (UNSC)’s tight agendas.


  • Environment

    Siberut Threatened by Industrial Forest

    Siberut Threatened by Industrial Forest

    The government issued industrial forest permit in Siberut Island, a biosphere reserve area established by the UNESCO. It threatens the endemic fauna, protected flora, as well as the medicinal plants of Mentawai.

  • Travel

    South Africa: More Than Just a Safari

    South Africa: More Than Just a Safari

    Few countries embody as much beauty and tragedy as South Africa does: behind its magnificent nature and dynamic cities, the legacy of apartheid is still keenly present. Discover why this nation is one of Africa’s top tourist destinations.

  • Outreach

    Cultural and Religious Harmony at Kali Opak

    Cultural and Religious Harmony at Kali Opak

    Students at the Kali Opak Islamic School in Bantul take example from Sunan Kalijaga. Besides studying religion, students combine culture and the arts in their studies. The community is also involved.

  • Photo

    Picture Window

    Dirty Deed.

    A woman dump her household garbage into the sea at the coast of Kampung Jawa, Lhokseumawe, Aceh, May 14. Such irresponsible action has caused pollution to the sea and damaged its ecosystem. ANTARA/Rahmad


  • *There’s ketupat (rice packets woven from coconut), there’s vegetables...
  • Pointless Amok

    Pointless Amok

    Absolutely nobody was advantaged by the riots in Jakarta on May 22. Prabowo Subianto’s reputation was damaged for coming across as incapable of handling his own supporters who had invested so much hope in himself.

  • Limiting Social Media

    Limiting Social Media

    Disinformation through social media must be countered. However, limiting communication should be done with caution.

  • Chaos in our Jails

    Chaos in our Jails

    Unrest at the Langkat jail was sparked by officers’ bad behavior. Management and supervision must be fixed.

  • Managing the Pawns

    Managing the Pawns

    The Financial Services Authority (OJK) will shut down unauthorized pawn businesses. Deadline for applications is within the next two months.

  • Sidelines

    Prayer is a becoming.

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