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Edition 11 June 2019

  • A Whiff of Ros es in Thamrin
    Cover Story

    A Whiff of Ros es in Thamrin

    Prabowo’s former subordinate, Fauka Noor Farid, is suspected of masterminding the protest that turned into rioting on May 21-22. Fauka allegedly instructed his men to mobilize the mobs. We investigated the alleged involvement of the former Special Forces member.

  • The Rose Team is Always Being Connected to Riots
  • Actors and Their Stage
    Cover Story

    Actors and Their Stage

    THE government detected that the protests against the presidential election’s outcome on May 21-22 had been planned to end in riots. To anticipate the worst scenario, the police apprehended a number of individuals with more arrested after the riots. Still more were caught on the government’s radar but have not been investigated.

  • An Old Rifle and Its Targets
    Cover Story

    An Old Rifle and Its Targets

    The police have named Kivlan Zen and several other people suspects in the planned assassination of four officials in the Jokowi administration. The appointed assassin’s testimony to us, as follows.

  • Bullets in the Dark
    Cover Story

    Bullets in the Dark

    Four out of the eight casualties of the May 22 riots are believed to have been shot. Their families are asking for police transparency.

  • Ani Yudhoyono Passed Away

    Ani Yudhoyono Passed Away

    WIFE of former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Kristiani Herrawati or Ani Yudhoyono, passed away at Singapore’s National University Hospital on Saturday, June 1. Ani, 66, died after battling leukemia.

  • Old Owners’ Odd Shares

    Old Owners’ Odd Shares

    An old shares dispute at BFI Finance resurfaced. An Italian financing company has to delay its investments, suspecting that the Ongko family still meddles with the affair.

  • Reaping Organic Rice

    Reaping Organic Rice

    A young farmer is taking advantage of transplanters to grow rice, saving time and money.

  • Sjamsul’s Long Road to Court

    Sjamsul’s Long Road to Court

    The KPK named Sjamsul Nursalim and his wife suspects in a case involving the issuance of release and discharge letter of BLBI bailout funds. They will likely stand trial in absentia.

  • The Tire King’s Trillions

    The Tire King’s Trillions

    A KPK team has begun tracking down Sjamsul Nursalim’s assets as collateral to compensate state losses. His wealth is currently estimated to be over Rp10 trillion.

  • Law


    Police Expert in the Selection Committee

    The President named nine members of the KPK Leadership Candidate Selection Committee. Some of them are close to the police.


  • Outreach

    Wayang Theater’s Young Puppeteers

    Wayang Theater’s Young Puppeteers

    Sanggar Taruna Krida Rasa teaches Malang’s children and teenagers the art of puppeteering. The studio hopes to preserve wayang theater.

  • Letters

    Payment Request for Luak Coffee

    Payment Request for Luak Coffee

    A FRIEND introduced me last December to Mr. Munawar, owner of the Setara Kopi shop in the Rendangan subdistrict, Pohuwatu Regency, Gorontalo. Mr. Munawar phoned me to order Lembah Masurai wild luak (civet) coffee. In January 2019, I sent out the order, which was then received by him.

  • Photo

    Picture Window

    1. Muslims perform the Idul Fitri prayer on the street in Jatinegara, Jakarta, Wednesday, June 5.

    2. Traffic jam in Cikampek Toll Road, West Java, Friday, June 7, as motorists returning to Jakarta begun to pack the toll road. 3. Over-capacity motorcycle passed the Kalimalang artery road in Bekasi, West Java, Saturday, June 1. Bekasi Police recorded an increase of motorists passing on the Northern Coast route, through the the Kalimalang artery road, with 8,474 motorbikes and 2,009 cars, four days before the Lebaran end of fasting month celebration. 4. Home-coming cars packed the Trans Java Semarang-Solo Toll Road, Km 437, in Pringapus, Semarang, Central Java, Saturday, June 8.


  • Getting the Masterminds

    Getting the Masterminds

    THE RIOTS that occurred in several parts of Jakarta in the early hours of Wednesday, May 22, need to be investigated into thoroughly. Under no circumstance should the affair be allowed to evaporate into thin air. It is imperative the riot-mongers in the field and the mastermind behind the scenes be given their just dues severely and firmly.

  • Bad Signal

    Bad Signal

    The selection committee to choose the Corruption Eradication Commission leaders was appointed hastily. Don’t hope too much.

  • The Last Chance

    The Last Chance

    The Corruption Eradication Commission is racing against time to conclude the BLBI case. It was long overdue.

  • It Could Be Better

    It Could Be Better

    Management of transportation services during Idul Fitri relatively improved. Lack of enough rest areas and sky-high air ticket prices were problematic.

  • Sidelines

    AROUND half a century ago, a series of silat (martial arts) stories was published in Yogya, set in 16th century Java and titled Nagasasra dan Sabukinten. The stories, written by S.H. Mintardja, stopped after about 30 titles. Each title sold out. The readership was wide.

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