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Edition 11 June 2019


  • Getting the Masterminds

    Getting the Masterminds

    THE RIOTS that occurred in several parts of Jakarta in the early hours of Wednesday, May 22, need to be investigated into thoroughly. Under no circumstance should the affair be allowed to evaporate into thin air. It is imperative the riot-mongers in the field and the mastermind behind the scenes be given their just dues severely and firmly.

  • Bad Signal

    Bad Signal

    The selection committee to choose the Corruption Eradication Commission leaders was appointed hastily. Don’t hope too much.

  • The Last Chance

    The Last Chance

    The Corruption Eradication Commission is racing against time to conclude the BLBI case. It was long overdue.

  • It Could Be Better

    It Could Be Better

    Management of transportation services during Idul Fitri relatively improved. Lack of enough rest areas and sky-high air ticket prices were problematic.

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