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Edition 08 October 2019

  • Alternatives for the President
    Cover Story

    Alternatives for the President

    After meeting with several public figures and former leaders of the Corruption Eradication Commission, President Joko Widodo warmed to the idea of issuing a government regulation in lieu of the KPK law. Pro-government parties reject the plan, cautioning that Jokowi’s coming term in office may not run smoothly.

  • Smaller Crowds at the End of the Plenary
    Cover Story

    Smaller Crowds at the End of the Plenary

    The government and the police employed various methods to prevent student demonstrations in several cities. Students were given the threat of not being granted police clearance letter.

  • Checkpoint Charlie in Jayawijaya

    Checkpoint Charlie in Jayawijaya

    Triggered by an accusation of racism, a rally in Wamena, Papua, ended up in a melee killing scores of people. Some picketers were out-of-towners.

  • Problematic Law Insertions

    Problematic Law Insertions

    Deliberations on the mineral and coal mining law revisions were supposed to be concluded before the inauguration of the new parliament. The revisions include special privileges to coal businesses holding first-generation contracts.

  • A Faulty Logic in Managing the Economy
    Market Pulse

    A Faulty Logic in Managing the Economy

    THE world economy is grinding slowly. Recession is right at our door. The World Trade Organization (WTO) estimates that international trade this year only grew by 1.2 percent, it is the lowest since 2009. World trade is a vital engine for the economy. If it slows down, business activities around the world will turn anemic.

  • Al-Sisi’s Holy Friday
    Asean & Beyond

    Al-Sisi’s Holy Friday

    Abdul Fattah al-Sisi came to power after a coupe that toppled President Muhammad Mursi, riding on the waves of anti-Islamic sentiments.

  • Don’t Do What’s Best for Jakarta Only

    Don’t Do What’s Best for Jakarta Only

    Bambang Darmono, Former chief, Papua and West Papua Development Acceleration Unit

  • A Piggyback Bombing Plot

    A Piggyback Bombing Plot

    The police arrested Abdul Basith, an IPB lecturer, and members of his group, for making preparations to carry out bombings in Jakarta. They planned to conduct it at the same time as a 212 Jihadi Action event. Three retired military generals are implicated.

  • I Only Provided Gas and a Place to Stay
  • There Was No Plan Whatsoever

    There Was No Plan Whatsoever

    Former Commander General of the Special Forces Command, Maj. Gen. (Ret) Soenarko

  • Outreach


    The Price of Education

    Some grade and middle schoolchildren in Sungai Kura live in wooden huts in the vicinity of their school without any parents around. They refuse to bow down to obstacles in their quest to get an education.


  • Letters

    The Plummeting Tobacco Price

    The Plummeting Tobacco Price

    WITH the plummeting and low price of tobacco, tobacco farmers in Jember, East Java, set up the Jember Farmers Association (Panijem).

  • Interlude

    Indonesia’s Diplomacy and the Paintings of Mohammad Toha

    Indonesia’s Diplomacy and the Paintings of Mohammad Toha

    THE directorate of culture at the ministry of education and culture launched a new book titled Art & Diplomacy on August 17. The book contains rare pictures from the independence movement taken by photographers under IPPHOS—the nation’s very first photojournalism news agency—and posters, caricatures and cartoons created by artists of the day.

  • Photo

    Picture Window


    Earthquake victims in Negeri Oma, Haruku Island, Maluku, have to stay in a makeshift tent, Tuesday, October 1. Residents in that area claim that they have not recieved any assistance from the government after the 6.8 magnitude quake shook Ambon on Thursday, September 26. ANTARA FOTO/Baronda


  • Misunderstanding Papua

    Misunderstanding Papua

    The Wamena incident shows the failure of the government to deal with the problem of Papua. A new approach is needed.

  • Lessons from Egypt

    Lessons from Egypt

    The Egyptian government is muzzling democracy using the excuse of preventing the rise of radical Islam. The situation is similar to that in Indonesia.

  • A Law for the People

    A Law for the People

    The public is opposed to the proposed revisions to the Mineral and Coal Mining Law. It only favors corporate interests.

  • Sidelines

    A bus rolled into a ravine near an isolated village. All the passengers were killed. The locals came to help. A few hours later they managed to carry the bodies one by one to be laid out at the local hall. They recognized the faces of those bodies: three members of parliament, and two party figures.

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