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Edition 08 October 2019


  • Stand with the People, Jokowi

    Stand with the People, Jokowi

    The student demonstrations over the last two weeks may well have died down, but President Joko Widodo should not use this to claim that ‘the situation has returned to normal’.

  • Misunderstanding Papua

    Misunderstanding Papua

    The Wamena incident shows the failure of the government to deal with the problem of Papua. A new approach is needed.

  • Lessons from Egypt

    Lessons from Egypt

    The Egyptian government is muzzling democracy using the excuse of preventing the rise of radical Islam. The situation is similar to that in Indonesia.

  • A Law for the People

    A Law for the People

    The public is opposed to the proposed revisions to the Mineral and Coal Mining Law. It only favors corporate interests.

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