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Edition 11 November 2019

  • E-Budgeting Blues
    Cover Story

    E-Budgeting Blues

    Jakarta’s draft budget contains numerous irregularities. Tempo’s investigation shows that the regional government’s monitoring has been weak in various stages of the budgeting process. Governor Anies Baswedan blames the system he inherited from Basuki Tjahaja Purnama.

  • Fast-Tracking the Formula E Budget
    Cover Story

    Fast-Tracking the Formula E Budget

    DINO Patti Djalal immediately contacted Jakarta Governor Anies Rasyid Baswedan as soon as he learned that Formula E was looking for a host for the electric car race in June. The former foreign affairs deputy minister recommended Anies to propose Jakarta as a host city. “This is a car race of the future as (the cars) use electric power,” said Dino when Tempo contacted him on Friday, November 8.

  • One System, Different Results
    Cover Story

    One System, Different Results

    Anies Baswedan sees Jakarta’s e-budgeting system as flawed. The DPRD launched a battle against former governor Basuki over the system.

  • Voting Grants
    Cover Story

    Voting Grants

    Grants from the Jakarta administration to mass organizations continued to burgeon. Anies Baswedan’s supporters allegedly received special treatment.

  • Odd Early-Stage Allocations
    Cover Story

    Odd Early-Stage Allocations

    The 2020 Jakarta draft budget priorities and ceiling (KUA-PPAS)—the early stage in the capital city’s budget plan—is full of irregularities. Suspicious budget allocation items are dispersed throughout spending components for consulting services, procurement, and assistance funds. Text: Hussein Abri Dongoran, Gangsar Parikesit Sources: 2016-2019 Jakarta budget, 2020 RKUA-PPAS as processed by the PSI

  • Many Get Furious When I Talk About System
  • Police Investigate  Bekasi Parking Scandal
    News Capsule

    Police Investigate Bekasi Parking Scandal

    Police are investigating an alleged extortion in the parking management of several minimarkets in Bekasi, West Java. Bekasi Police Criminal Division Chief, Comsr

  • The Amounts are Not Much

    The Amounts are Not Much

    Soetjipto Hamiprodjo

  • Bernadus Karmin Winata, Kalbe Farma Director

    Bernadus Karmin Winata, Kalbe Farma Director

    We would certainly dismiss them if found out

  • Payoffs for doctors

    Payoffs for doctors

    The long-standing dubious practice of giving payoffs to doctors by pharmaceutical companies continues even though the minister of health has issued a circular banning it three years ago.

  • Economy


    Tax Revenue Slow

  • Economy

    Troubles in Jababeka

    Troubles in Jababeka

    Jababeka’s management feud has gone on to the courts. Among irregularities are mutual fund investments that allegedly violated regulations.

  • Law

    The Last Coffee for the Activist

    The Last Coffee for the Activist

    The death of lawyer and environment activist Golfried Siregar remains a mystery. An investigation by Tempo and the North Sumatra Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence uncovered discrepancies of facts in the police report. Suspicion for murder is in the air.

  • Law

    Leaving Out the Best Part

    Leaving Out the Best Part

    Judges acquitted former PLN CEO Sofyan Basir of the charge of conspiring in bribery. The prosecutors were considered failed to present all pertinent evidence available during the trial.

  • Photo

    Picture Window


    A kid earns a living by scavenging used items under the flyover in Pandemangan area, Jakarta, Monday, November 4. The Jakarta provincial government will disburse more that Rp4 trillion through the Jakarta Smart Card (KJP) Plus and Jakarta Excellent Student Card (KJMU) to prevent students from dropping out of school. ANTARA/Aprillio Akbar


  • Between the floor and the ceiling of journalism
    Letter From

    Between the floor and the ceiling of journalism

    A WORD of advice, possibly a story, which may have left a mark more indelible even than a declaration in a love letter.

  • On ‘Kita’ and ‘Kami’

    On ‘Kita’ and ‘Kami’

    AS a manifestation of our high esteem for the nation’s unifying language, the Indonesian language should be valued by giving priority to Indonesian speech on various occasions.

  • Tell the residents, we’ve received the village fund...
  • A Budget Fiasco

    A Budget Fiasco

    Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan should thank the people who uncovered the irregularities in the proposed provincial budget.

  • Dishonest Doctors

    Dishonest Doctors

    Collusion between doctors and pharmaceutical companies over the sale of medicines still continues. An initiative is needed from new minister of health.

  • Losing Out to Thuggery

    Losing Out to Thuggery

    The Bekasi city administration has given thugs the right to manage parking. The state must not give in to thuggery.

  • Time for Tax Hunt

    Time for Tax Hunt

    At a time when the economy is sluggish, collection of taxation revenues is poor. There is a need for a proper budgeting policy.

  • Sidelines

    We are Sisyphus, a friend said. His face was weary.

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