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  • Fait accompli in Masela

    Fait accompli in Masela

    THE offer by a business group owned by Tomy Winata of its harbor in Tual, Maluku as a temporary logistics port for the construction of the Masela Block project must be viewed carefully from the start

  • Surya Paloh’s Empty Threat

    Surya Paloh’s Empty Threat

    The maneuvers by NasDem party is merely an effort to put pressure on President Jokowi. It is unethical to play for both sides of the political aisle.

  • Clientelism and Thuggery

    Clientelism and Thuggery

    Strange relationships between officials and mass organizations have arisen in many regions, including in Bekasi. Ending direct elections for regional heads is not a solution.

  • A Wrong Shortcut

    A Wrong Shortcut

    Building permits and environmental impact analysis are still needed for infrastructure development. The process must be simplified.

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