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Edition 03 December 2019


  • A Ministerial Therapy

    A Ministerial Therapy

    Despite being just appointed minister of health, Lieut. Gen. (ret) Dr. dr. Terawan Agus Putranto should not be let off the hook from being sanctioned for violation of ethics, as ordained by the Indonesian Honorary Board for Medical Ethics. The professional opinion of medical experts should not be shunted aside using power tactics.

  • Avoiding Hypocrisy

    Avoiding Hypocrisy

    The government issued a joint decision letter to anticipate radicalism among civil servants. Possibility of a backfire is rampant.

  • Who Gave the Order

    Who Gave the Order

    The KPK should investigate those who gave orders for the bribe to be paid to a number of Bekasi Regency officials. A permit system without corruption is needed.

  • Shaking up the Petrochemicals

    Shaking up the Petrochemicals

    Pertamina finally took over ownership of Trans-Pacific Petrochemical Indotama. The corruption by the previous owner is a debt that must be repaid.

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