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Edition 04 February 2020


  • Minister Siti’s Wrong Call

    Minister Siti’s Wrong Call

    The Environment and forestry ministry has decided to end its cooperation with WWF Indonesia. This is a sign that nationalism and resentment of criticism has gone too far.

  • Lessons from Krakatau Steel

    Lessons from Krakatau Steel

    Long saddled with huge liabilities, the state-owned steel producer has restructured its mountain of debt. This is a lesson for other state-owned enterprises.

  • Suspicious Exports

    Suspicious Exports

    Toba Pulp Lestari is suspected of falsifying export documentation to reduce its tax liabilities.

  • No Political Circus for Jiwasraya

    No Political Circus for Jiwasraya

    Using the right to institute an inquiry could cloud the Jiwasraya issue. Maintaining investor trust is more important.

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