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Edition 11 February 2020


  • Five Diplomats in the Coronavirus Area

    Five Diplomats in the Coronavirus Area

    The plan to evacuate Indonesians out of Wuhan and vicinity happened uncertain. The government lobbied the Chinese authority for permission to enter.

  • Infected at Bukit Merah

    Infected at Bukit Merah

    An Indonesian worker has become the 21st victim of the coronavirus in Singapore. Indonesian workers are currently bearing the brunt of stigmatization because of the case.

  • Biking toward Ghost Town

    Biking toward Ghost Town

    Indonesians in China are taking every possible way to return to mother land. It is a journey of endless airport checks.

  • Running Out of Masks

    Running Out of Masks

    Dozens of Indonesian citizens are holding out in Hubei. Masks have become an urgent necessity.

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