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  • Peatland Fires are Patterned and Massive
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    Peatland Fires are Patterned and Massive

    Chief of Peatland Restoration Agency Nazir Foead

  • Feeling the Heat
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    Feeling the Heat

    There is concern that a number of articles in the job creation bill may weaken environenmental law enforcement. The bill poses a new threat to forests and peatlands.

  • The Untouchables
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    The Untouchables

    Companies responsible for forest fires are not being served equal punishment. Civil suits are difficult to execute, while criminal suits do not seem to be moving forward.

  • Companies Behind Forest Fires
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    Companies Behind Forest Fires

    Land and forest fires ravaged Indonesia again in 2019. Tempo, Mongabay, Betahita, Malaysiakini, and the non-governmental organization Auriga Nusantara team up to investigate wildfires in dozens of forest and oil palm concessions. Satellite imagery and field checking on three concession sites of three firms strengthen the suspicion that companies were involved in the disaster that caused Rp75 trillion in losses to Indonesia. Poor law enforcement and lax regulations may trigger similar disasters in the future. This report was made possible through our collaboration with the Pulitzer Center through the Rainforest Journalism Fund program.

  • On the KIP Kuliah Program

    On the KIP Kuliah Program

    AFTER handling various formalities to follow the KIP Kuliah (Higher Education Indonesia Smart Card) program, finally my child, Thrisa N.L., got information from her campus. At the end of August, she got a notification signed by the head of this private educational institution telling that she become one of the 20 new D-4 (diploma-4) hotelier students in the institute designated as a KIP Kuliah recipient.

  • Safer in the Virus’ Home Turf
    Cover Story

    Safer in the Virus’ Home Turf

    A total 59 countries closed their doors to Indonesian citizens. The government is doing hectic lobbying in the interests of business.

  • Not Enough Contact Tracing
    Cover Story

    Not Enough Contact Tracing

    The whereabouts of thousands of Covid-19-positive patients are unknown. Contract tracing and isolation ratio is still low.

  • Health Workers Risking Their Lives
    Cover Story

    Health Workers Risking Their Lives

    Over 100 doctors died from Covid-19. Meanwhile, the number of patients arriving at hospitals in poor conditions continue to rise.

  • The Responsibilty Is Mine
    Cover Story

    The Responsibilty Is Mine

    Chief of the Health Crisis Center at the Health Ministry Budi Sylvana:

  • Project Awarded to Newcomer
    Cover Story

    Project Awarded to Newcomer

    ON September 3, Johan Agung’s office could not be found along Jalan Sam Ratulangi V, Oesapa Barat administrative village, in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Locals Tempo met did not know the whereabouts of the company that won a project at the Kupang Health Polytechnic run by the health ministry.

  • A Tragic End of Poor Procurement
    Cover Story

    A Tragic End of Poor Procurement

    The procurement process for protective equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be riddled with issues. The health ministry’s chief of health crisis center, as the commitment-making official, appointed a company with no experience in manufacturing personal protective equipment or PPE. The move resulted in the scarcity of protective equipment, which may have caused health workers to be infected with Covid-19. This report was made possible through the collaboration between Tempo, Tempo Institute, and Free Press Unlimited.

  • The Palace’s Social Media Troops
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    The Palace’s Social Media Troops

    The Palace appears to be mobilizing influencers and ‘buzzers’—this era’s social media propagandists—to further its agendas. They actively posted during the KPK Law revision and more recently about a potential cabinet reshuffle. They may have received payment for their work on social media.

  • The Online Mercenary Trolls
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    The Online Mercenary Trolls

    The government is allocating billions of rupiah to pay influencers. Agencies are paid to manage them.

  • Ghost Account’s Hacking Spree
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    Ghost Account’s Hacking Spree

    Digembok doxed several people without legal consequences. More than one person may be managing the Digembok account.

  • A New Way to Silence Criticism
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    A New Way to Silence Criticism

    A number of media and civil society organization websites have been hacked by anonymous accounts. An old tactic in the new digital era.

  • Shopee Account Unsafe

    Shopee Account Unsafe

    ON July 4, 2020 I made a transaction to purchase a bicycle via the Alwihoop5555 account and I succeeded in my virtual account transfer to the Shopee account worth Rp1.7 million.

  • National Police Chief of Criminal Investigation Division Comsr. Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo
  • Maneuvering at Tower 106
    Cover Story

    Maneuvering at Tower 106

    Prosecutor Pinangki Sirna Malasari actively met with Joko Tjandra in Malaysia. There are reports that the attorney general was aware of the meetings.

  • A Scenario from Up Above
    Cover Story

    A Scenario from Up Above

    The South Jakarta District Court has become a battlefield for the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Sanggarcipta Kreasitama as both sue each other over the rent of Wisma Mulia 1 and 2 buildings in Jakarta, rented to serve as OJK’s offices. “We were the first to file a suit,” said OJK Public Relations and Logistics Commissioner, Anto Prabowo, on Thursday, August 20.

  • The False Note of an Old Classmate
    Cover Story

    The False Note of an Old Classmate

    Joko Soegiarto Tjandra’s bribery implicates two generals and a businessman close to National Police’s top brass. National Police Criminal Investigation Division Chief Comsr. Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo’s name is also being mentioned. The case is heating up approaching the contest for National Police chief.

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